Saturday, March 10, 2012

Caturday Saturday

We know, we recently had a 2 Boys post, but Teri is so excited that Clem and Hero are doing so well together that yesterday she took a bunch of photos and we wanted to share them with you!

After just a week, they are eating off the same plate, and are interacting more socially.

Even a little groomfest that turned into a 'friendly' bitey-fest, hahameow.

We are all enjoying our weekend, napping and seeking out sunpuddles...hope you are all having a sunny Saturday, too!

Teri's friend, Voytek, had her over for dinner last night (she said she missed us kitties, though) and they had a gourmet meal.

The meal was inspired by his son, who is a sommelier at  Maze, one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants in New York City.

This inspirational meal was baked chicken breast on crisp polenta with a melange of diced root veggies...We would have liked a taste of that Chik-Hen!

Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be nice again, in the 60's, so they are going sightseeing at some historical sites in Fredericksburg Virginia...then she promises she'll stick close to home all week so we can get in more laptime!


  1. We're glad Clem and Hero are doing so well! Happy Caturday!!

  2. The boys look like they are doing well! It would be awesome if they could find a home together.

  3. We love seeing cats who get along. It gives the Woman false hopes about us...

  4. Jolly good show, Clem and hero :) Sun puddles make everyone mellow :)

  5. It is good to see the boys getting on so well together. We hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

  6. It was fun watching the boys.
    That was some dinner your Mommy had! Wowwie! That chicken sure looked good!
    Happy weekend!

  7. You guys are SO lovely! Is that OK ta say about mancats?

  8. it'S furry nice to hear that them boys is gettin' along well. we hopes somebean will take them bofe to their happy furefurr home!!

    an' were there no chick-hen leftofurs?? that's just WRONG!

  9. OH that chick-hen looked mouth watering! The boys looked snuggable. xoxox


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