Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mancat, Wordy, Thankful, Fashion... Caturday!

Dropped off the face of the earth, did we? Our followers keep checking for new posts, only to find the cupboard bare? 

We keep 'pricking' Teri with our claws, reminding her we are both behind in posting mews and with visiting our friends...

So, here it is Caturday and she is not even home (she's with her man-friend Voytek) but she is playing roving repurrter today and getting out a mewsy post finally! 

So, to cat-ch up....

Last Caturday was sunny and warm (unlike today) and here's a few pix of us enjoying both sunpuddles and Voytek's attention and sneaking in a nap or two (or 5)...

And Teri got out to do some sightseeing with Voytek, this time going to the Fredericksburg Battlefield, and as he is very knowledgeable about local history, Teri had her own personal tour guide... here's a few pictures from that day.

Man Cat Monday: Disco's weigh in had him up one ounce, at 15# 9 oz, but that is because he had a few servings of Hill's c/d (Brighton gets that from time to time for his urinary tract) and it has rice in it...CARBS

For Whisker Hump Wednesday, we have 2 of the very Mancatly, TomTom, who has Spring Fever and spends a lot of time surveying our garden (this is his favorite spot in which to keep an eye on things).

And while his Whisker Humps are small and refined, Brinkley (one of our extended family) makes a very good paper weight, don't you think? 

Now we are almost caught up and are to Thankful Thursday! An explanation for the next photo might be in order...

Some of our followers may already be furriends with Dr V and Pawcurious, but back around Valentine's Day, she and her kids made up these cute little trinket boxes, and if you want to laff n laff, then follow this link to her post about the 'Toxic Boxes'.

We got our very own box cuz we donated to a wonderful organization that we knew nothing about...the cat blogosphere is a wonderful place to share good causes, so here's a link to UC Davis Veterinary School's Josh Project. If you would like to donate AND get a little purrsonalized box of your very own too, let Dr V know following her instructions in the above post, Toxic Boxes.

And now for Fashion Friday, MeWowZa...Ladycats, you better be sitting down or you just may swoon from the following photo shoot...

On Thursday, Disco had to go into the vet (aka Teri's day hunting place) cuz he had a squinty, runny eye and Teri didn't want to to wait over the weekend and have it turn real bad...

But since every outing lately turns into a fashion shoot, of course Disco had to participate! Just to show you that hoodies can be a nice fashion statement, here he is in his Red Hoodie with the Bling on the back...

And since The Cat Hospital also grows some fine Nip, Disco got to indulge in it's 'Just Picked' aroma!

Here's some photos of the garden at The Cat Hospital (the nip bush is now three times that size!)

And here's the Cat Hospital's his Easter Get Up (Coco is hoping she doesn't have to wear this outfit! Nope--she's got a cute Daisy Harness she is going to wear...)

Teri is going to an Earth Hour Tapas Party tonight and on a frowny note...she was going to deliver Hero to his new home tomorrow, Sunday, but his new family said their landlord was 'being uncooperative', something they didn't expect. 

So everything is on hold right now, but better for this to happen now instead of after they adopted Hero. Teri said she would be more than happy to talk with the landlord and be a reference for them, so we'll see what transpires over the next week.

Hero and Clem have become good friends and often curl up together now. They are enjoying their time out in the house and are still being good boys about using the litter box, too. Here's a recent pix of them being chummy... now we are caught up with the Mews of the past week...maybe on Sunday, we can get in a little visiting to our friends blogs! Oh, and don't forget to do the Caturday Hop!


  1. The




    Why oh why did it have to be the





    pant, pant, pant.

    It's raining here, but now ALL the windows is fogged up.

    Thank you for those wonderful centerfold shots my love,

    until next we meet


    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  2. Nice to see you and wow you have been busy. I love the hoody and wow look at that nip.. Lots to show us today and enjoyed the updates.. Hugs GJ x

  3. There has really been a lot going on over at your place! Kitties, don't let your human get so wrapped up in Voytek that she forgets to blog about you all now and again!

  4. Uncle Diskers, we hope your eye is all better. You look really snazzy in the red snuggly hoodie. Sorry about being chubby and tubby but really it looks like muscles.
    Mom has been busy and when Missie CurlieSwirlie Teri called last week, mom was roaming around Homie Deepo.
    Miles an I have been busy too though.

    we love all of the pictures and Mr Voytek looks like a nice guy. I bet he smells pretty good and you could maybe give him a chomp, you should.

    It is sooo bonkie nice to see all of these wonderful pictures. Mr. TomTom looks like a nice orange guy. He is happy to be near your house.

    and last but not leaast, We are glad Hero is still in safe hands until the just the right time. He looks like such a great kittyboy.

    big huge bonks and bronkies

  5. Well, the red hoodie pics put the Mommy into a cat-atonic state! We hopes Disco's eye is much better. Thanks fur the catch-up and haf a great week. xoxo

  6. We hope yer house is real warm so you are comfy!

    And can ya get those awful werd verifications send away? They are seriously annoying.

  7. Oh! So pretty photos! Have a great week friends!

  8. OMC! You had more news that OUR Mommy, and she's a windbag!
    heh heh.

  9. Oh Dog! Ya mean hanging out with a man is more important than attending to your every whim?


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