Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordy (Whiskerhump) Wednesday...

Ok... Let's get the humps out of the way first! This little 'rat-like' muzzle belongs to Brighton. He has very svelte whisker humps!

We know it's been a week since we had a chance to post something to our blog...but Teri's dating again and if you thought she had no time to help us before...well, now she's squeezing in posts late at night!

So to catch you up with what we've been up to, since we missed Fashion Friday, Caturday Saturday, and Mancat Monday...

Teri's friend, Voytek, came over and took her to the National Museum of the Marine at Quantico on Saturday....they were gone a couple of hours and Teri said it was a really good museum, not just Rah Rah War stuff but very moving and personal.

And then they came back and we got some laptime... and they ate Chinese food and watched a movie, so we got even more laptime in!

And then there was Disco's weigh-in on Monday, 15# 13 ounces...he gained 3 ounces cuz he was snacking on some Pawgevity Chicken Formula and it has greens (CARBS) in it...but it's all gone now, so he should lose some ounces this week!

and then tonight, Teri came home with a new toy for us...a HexBug Nano!

We had seen this toy on some other kitties blogs and today when Teri was at Michael's Craft Store buying some plastic flowers for our front yard (yes, we know that sounds kinda trashy, but here's some proof from last year that they really do look real!)

She saw a box of HexBugs sitting at the check out counter and she thought of us....Awwwww!

And here we are, tryin' to chase down that HexBug...way fun!!

So, as you can see, we've had a fun and busy week...we hope to have time to come visit your bloggies this weekend and see what all our furriends have been up to! Oh, and don't forget to "Hop"...


  1. My human got us a Hexbug way last year and we STILL have yet to see it! She is afraid it will run under something in like 30 seconds and no one will ever see it again.

  2. Great catch-up. Better luck next week, Disco. We got our Cosequin today. Thanks! Happy Wednesday, furriends. xoxo

  3. Oh that hexbug is hilarious! LOL! What a thing!! Yay for having a relaxed weekend! Take care

  4. I just got Austin Da Bird and now there is the Hex Bug!! He'll be wanting that now lol. Sounds like an eventful week all round!

  5. The Hex Bug made us laugh. We have never seen them before.

  6. hadn't heard about that bug.... gotta get mom on the outlook. :) Sounds like things are going well (yes, even for Disco)

  7. We wish we had hardwood floors...that bug looks like a lot of fun!

  8. I've seen glimpses of that museum from the highway and have been meaning to check it out!


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