Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mancat Monday-Disco's Diet/Take Your Cat to the Vet Week

Well, Disco isn't really on a diet to lose weight right now...he's on a diet to help his pancreatitis, Hill's z/d and Purina HA...

And in spite of being on prednisolone (which takes the "I'm Full" sensor away), he really hasn't blimped out, and at his weigh-in today, he is 14#  8 oz. He is near the end of his round of Zeniquin (antibiotic) and Sulfasalazine (anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drug which is used primarily to treat IBD (inflammatory bowel disease and colitis in cats and dogs) and will stay on Metronidazole for at least a month. 

He is looking and feeling better, no more vomiting but still has puddle poo. Teri is hoping that will improve when he Zeniquin is finished. She is adding Fortiflora (a probiotic) to his food to help and at least his 'diaper rash' is all cleared up.

But today she noticed he has hives around his thighs and bum, so he will go in to work with her tomorrow for a look-see. He got lots of TLC when he stayed at the Cat Spa while Teri was in Topeka, and here's a couple of pix to prove it!

Except for his tests for pancreatic disease, all the tests have been negative or normal--no parasites, no bad bacteria, no toxo or t foetus, so that's all good! Now we just have to get his tummy better and the diet figured out, and possibly do a biopsy of his intestines to rule out or prove he really has IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).

So, we will keep all our friends updated every Monday--diet or not, hahameow! And since this week is also Take Your Cat to the Vet Week, we thought we would tell you that getting your kitty into the carrier to get to the vets can be made a lot easier if you leave your carrier out all the time and make it a nice place for a snack or a nap!

These are two of our carriers, just left out in the kitchen with snuggley blankies in them, and as you can see, Disco thinks they are a good place to gather ones thoughts...


  1. Oh Disco, we hope you feel better. That is no fun at all. The Siamese who came before had that.

  2. Disco, we are purrin fur you to feel better. Mommy says you still look adorable and she is just aflutter over that bellah shot!

  3. I am purring lots for Disco to feel better soon!

    BTW, I am trying to hide this "Take Your Cat to the Vet Week" thing from my human, so could you please be a little quieter about it?

  4. Sweet Disco!! My goodness!!! You are so wonderful and very good with all your meds and foods and things! Well done you!! And you still continue to look utterly handsome and swoon-worthy! Yay!!! We hope you continue to feel better too! Take care

  5. My toes and fingers are crossed.

  6. We sure hopes you gets better and better, Disco. Mine mommy loved that second picshur of you in your little shirt, curled up on that lady's lap. You look so contented.
    Purring fur you buddy!
    Your furend, TK

  7. love that photo of Disco curled up in her lap. so sweet.

  8. We agree about the carriers. Ours are out all the time, too. We nap and play in them. And since they don't just magically appear on v-e-t day, we have no warning we're going to get stuffed into one and have the door shut on us.

    It's funny how we nap and play so peacefully, but as soon as the door is shut we howl like banshees! MOL

  9. Oh my Dearest Love,
    I know I have been so remiss in my love letters to thee. I have been terribly vain and self centered due to my recent toe-lessness. I fear I may not be as attractive as other Ladycats out there now. You know how hard it is for us 'Cats of a certain age' to keep up with the younger, more fluffy ones. *sigh* but I digress

    That Woman claims that she is soooo busy with making all the things for the auction for me. I say she has been too slacking off! I needz to see my Manly ManCat! And you should have heard her jealous HBO mouth just now when she saw you cuddled up in that gurls lap! My ears are blue!

    Well my most exulted BoyToy; I must let you rest now. But know that I will be keeping up better with my letters and I have That Woman working on something special for you. *now where's that whip?* ::blushes:: oh, here it is. --SNAP--

    OOO, you shoulda just seen her jump! MOL Let's face it, she needed to get offa that gadunk-a-dunk that needs some serious excersizin!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan
    (lickity, lickity, s.t.r.e.t.c.h., lickity, nibble)

  10. Disco, man, live up to your name!! But we really hope you don't have any permanent bowel anything.

  11. Hey Disco buddy! Hope you're feeling better real soon! Looks like you're doing A-OK! We love the idea about keeping the carriers available and inviting. Works fur us!

  12. hope everything works out a-ok...i love love love the little shirt...too cute

  13. Noooooooooooooo! We hate going to the vet! And yet de survunt drags us to the vet whenever one of us sneezes or something. Horrible!


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