Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Toesday 'n More!

Of course, those are Disco's toes!

Sphynx cats seem to walk on little 'pillows' 

Even their pads are shaped differently than your typical moggies pads

Makes for a very unique Toesday!

We apologize for not posting any mews for over a week! Teri got busy outside doing yard work as the weather cooled off a bit. and right now, she is actually 'on the road' being a 'roving repurrter' from Topeka, Kansas! 

She was invited to tour the Hill's Pet Nutrition Center and she flew away today! She said she is lonely without us to keep her company in the cushy hotel room, but since she doesn't have to clean house...she is finding time to blog, hahameow!  This is probably what Brighton and Coco are doing while she is away.

Disco, he's kinda sick, so he is boarding at the vet hospital He has been diagnosed with pancreatitis! Yep, his poopy problem wasn't getting better, so he had some bloods stolen and he has tummy issues, maybe even IBD, so he is on lots of meds and needed more care than our pet sitter could give him at home, so he is being babied at the 'cat spa'...

Teri said she checks on him twice a day and he is not happy being confined, but so far no 'clean up on aisle 3' baths have had to happen...she said she will try and post more about what's going on with Disco when she gets back home on Thursday.

And to top off the weeks mews... last Wednesday she was able to trap TomTom (after trapping 2 raccoons and almost giving up on catching TomTom) and she took him into work aka the vet, to be sedated and groomed and dewormed and have his vaccinations. 

He weighed in at 19#!!! and the huge mat just pulled off, kinda looks like Donald Trumps pate, do you think?

He has ear mites, so got a shot for that, and something happened to the tip of his tail and it got about 1/2 inch of skin ripped off the end...they call that degloving.

But it wasn't infected and the vet said it should heal by drying up and falling off!! He got a bath while he was asleep, too and medicine to keep the fleas and worms away (he actually had no fleas or flea dirt on him, amazing!)

Here's a photo of him after he got back home, hanging out in our front yard, which isn't his typical hangout, but Teri let him spend the night safe and warm in the trap covered on our front porch, so for a couple of days, that is where he thought he should hang out!

But last night, he was back on our patio, looking very dapper indeed!

Well, it's midnight, so it's not Tuesday any longer and Teri has to be up early to attend the first Hill's seminar tomorrow. She hopes to learn a lot and she has lots of questions to ask, too. And, a few of her favorite bloggers are there, too! So it's not all work and no play, hahameow!

She promises to let us visit our bloggie friends this weekend, and we'll hold her to that promise! 


  1. Oh no! Pancreatitis is not any fun at all! The Siamese who came before had it.

  2. We are sorry to hear Disco has pancreatitis. Our beloved Sasha had it. Our vet said at the time he "hates that disease".

    So nice that TomTom made it to the vet for The Works. We're sure he wasn't real happy, but he will be much healthier for it :)

  3. Purrs fur our Disco! We had no idea he was that ill. Good fur Tom Tom gettin trapped to get all spiffied up. He's a big, big boy!

  4. Sphynx toes are unique. They almost look like fingers. I am so sorry that Disco has pancreatitis. Get set for long-term medication. I am so glad that you caught Tom Tom and got him all fixed up. He should be much happier and healthier.

  5. Wow, Tom Tom has no idea how lucky he is! Not every feral gets to have a spa day! I wonder what Hills has to say for themselves... we are not fans here.

  6. P.S. I am sending some purrs Disco's way - I hope he gets better soon!

  7. Oh TomTom is adorable!! Thank you so much for looking out for him and giving him a new healthier lease of life! Yay!

    Awww we are so sorry to hear about Disco. We are sending him lots of purrs and gentle hugs. Take care

  8. Purrrrrs purrrsss to Disco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. So sorry to hear about Disco. I miss seeing him.

  10. Wow, what a busy week! Disco's toes are very cool. I sure hope he feels better soon.

  11. Wow! That is very interesting! Yous guys really has lits going ons!

  12. We're sorry Disco had pancreatitis. We are purring for him. He has some pretty cool toesies!

  13. I'm so sorry that Disco has pancreatitis. I had a schnauzer that had that, but he got over it, here's hoping Disco will prosper.

  14. I'm so, SO sorry to hear about Disco! He's such a cool cat. And I was going to remark that he looks a bit trimmer, even if he hasn't lost as much as he should. We'll keep him in our purrayers.

  15. Mowzers, we're all mad at mommy for not askign abotu Disco when she met you last night! We didz not know he was at the kitteh spa! Ryker had pancreatitis - and IBD. *sigh* Not fun.

    We hope he feels much better - real fast.

    And our Mommy LOOOVED meeting you!!

  16. and if she'd actually look UP at the SCREEN before she hit "Send" she could FIX the typos.


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