Sunday, August 26, 2012

Simply Sunday Late Night...

OMC, how can a whole week have gone by with nary a whisper from us Curlz and Swirlz cats?!
And needless to say, we have only had a brief moment here and there to stop and say hi or Get Well or Congarats to any of our furiends!

Teri has been busy taking care of (and cleaning up after) Disco, even going in to work with him on her day off to do some more tests....Poor Disco!

She had a bit of a scare with him, because his blood glucose went very high, one of the risks and side effects of being on prednisolone can be diabetes, although he was not PU/PD (that means drinking and peeing a lot).

So he is being weaned off the pred and his urine test was normal (no glucose spilling into his urine, that's good), but unfortunately that means if he does have IBD, he probably won't be able to take prednisolone but will have to attack it from another direction with another medication...

And another side effect of being on pred is, because is suppresses the immune system, he broke with a respiratory virus, too. 80% of cats have been exposed to Rhino or Calici or Chlamydia but it lays dormant in their system until stress or medication causes it to recrudesce (show symptoms) again.

So Teri started him on L-Lysine and he is improving, but not feeling up to par yet. He is still having tummy issues and runny poos, in spite of being on Proviable KP and digestive enzymes. It's a wonder he doesn't hide when he sees Teri coming, but he is a very forgiving Mancat...

He is scheduled to have intestinal biopsies on Wednesday, to get a definitive diagnosis, so think of him on Whisker Hump Day, ok...

On a happier note, guess who came to visit us last week? Mama Katz! Yes, the orangey feral that had kittens under our porch a couple of years ago (we think TomTom was the Daddy Cat). We hadn't seen her since around Christmas and Teri was sure something bad had happened to her.

But it was late one balmy night and all the windows were open and Teri heard a plaintive meow and thought anxiously that maybe one of us had snuck out! But when she investigated, she found Mama K, and of course, put out some kibble for her and kept TomTom from chasing her off til she finished eating.

She looked fine, and it was nice to see her again and know she is as safe as a feral can be out there, and we hope that we see her again real soon!

TomTom is finally hanging around our backyard again every day, after being kind of scarce after his 'Day at the Spa' a couple of weeks ago. Our petsitter only saw him once while Teri was in Topeka and after that, we only saw him a couple of times.

He probably thought he was going to get trapped again, but finally he settled back into his normal AM and PM feeding times and Teri's glad he will be ready for the change in seasons with his furs in place and his worms gone and with his heated cat house ready for occupancy! They say it's going to be a rough winter and already the squirrels are gathering the acorns in our backyard!

Well, that's all the mews that comes to mind. We have a few minutes to visit our friends and wish Khyra a Happy Gotcha Day, send Kiril and Katie Get Well Soon purrs, and to check in to see how the auction for Zoolatry is going--we know Ann and Vic are getting lots of Cat 'n Dog Blogosphere support and the items in the auction keeps growing and growing! We are happy to think the Treat Rollers we donated are going to a good home, hahameow (we kinda ignored them, but you know how cats are---unpredictable!


  1. Thanks furry much fur the wishes!!,

    As fur favourite thing...I am still waiting fur my furry own khat!


  2. Poor Disco! I am sending a big bunch of healing purrs his way!

  3. We are very worried bout Disco! Sending big purrs and purrayers his way! Keep us posted as you are able. XOXO

  4. Hugs and healing purrs for Disco! Awwwww!!

    Glad to see MamaK too! take care

  5. Absolutely, we're sending and will continue to send Disco our loudest healing purrs!

  6. Oh Disco, we are so furry sad fur all your troubles. But we sure is glad you has Teri to take such amazing care of you!
    We are also happy fur Mama K and Tom-Tom.
    We continues to purr fur Disco's rapid and full recovery.

    Your furend, TK

    Pee.Ess. does PU/PD stand fur "Pee Up" and "Pee Down"?

  7. Poor Disco....we will be thinking about you both on Wednesday. We are glad Mama K came back. We know Allie is hanging around our house cause the fuds disappear, but mom would like to catch a glimpse of her. Still have to come up with some housing for the is harder with no backyard.

  8. Poor Disco. I hope you get to the end of this quickly and are feeling better soon. Many purrs coming your way.

  9. My heart is with Disco and Teri

  10. Poor Disco, we will purr for him. Felix is having some bowel issues so we can empathize.
    HURRAH that Mama K and TomTom showed back up! We are so happy they still hang around where you can keep an eye on them.

  11. Disco, don't be sick! Get well, soon! Perhaps Mama K came with a message for him. Let's hope Wednesday turns out well.

  12. Oh Disco, sweetest baby. LOVE you so much. Please be well darling boy. xoxoxoxox

  13. Poor Disco, we hope you get to feeling better soon! Our cat Mojo had IBD, diagnosed with ultrasound when he was being tested/typed for his cancer. He would have bouts of diahrea...we tried pred, and antibiotics, but nothing really worked. Finally, he had to go back on his cyclosporine for his allergies, and within two days he was having normal poops! This might be an option for you, or at least something to speak with your vet about. Best of luck!

  14. how high a dose of pred? my salem is on only 1/2 mL once a day..hasnt seemed to give him any issues, and its been a few is controlling his asthma

  15. Mowzers, we've been there with the L-Lysine! Ryker was on & off it (he had IBD too). ANd Maxwell was on it for his first year while he battled so many URVs and ear infections....

    Purrs to Disco and hope his recovery is rapid!!


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