Sunday, December 22, 2013

ManCat Monday


A ManCat Monday update on Carlos! He and Sammy are together 24/7 now and while not curling up together or grooming each other, they do seem to have become comfortable being room mates, and that makes Teri happy!

They eat next to each other now and curl up in their beds across from each other, too. The  cage ManCave door is always open now and it's funny, but they seem to prefer the Man Cave over other resting perches in their room, HahaMeow.

Teri was anxiously waiting to hear back from the couple who were interested in adopting Carlos, and she got a phone call yesterday and they are coming to meet him soon and she thinks they would give him just the kind of home he so deserves and needs!

Til then... Carlos and Sammy are just chillin' together on this ManCat Monday!


  1. "Close" is a good first pawstep. It can only get better from there...

  2. We have everything crossed for cute Carlos! Yay! Wishing you all a happy happy Christmas! take care

  3. I hope that Carlos gets his Forever home soon.

  4. Oh that's good news about Carlos. We hope it works out for him.


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