Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday, Kely Style

This contented kitty is Kely Bray. She is Coco's mom and is 13 years old now. . . kind of a Grannie Cat.

She and Sammy are the same age, and Teri says she thinks Kely will spend the rest of her life here with us, so she doesn't have to worry about her adjusting to a new home. She had to do that once and Teri says that's enough. . .

You might recall and Kely and her daughter, Bebe, were returned to us back in April 2013. The both seem happy here and the rest of us are a bit jealous that they get the nicest room in the house!

Here's a little video of Kely enjoying the Sunny Seat in their bedroom. . .

And after sunning yourself, don't forget to Hop!


  1. Kely seems like such a nice ladycat - she deserves a stable home and I'm glad you are giving her one.

  2. Lovely! 13 is barely middle-aged in this house, she has a long way to go. Perhaps I'll get to sketch her some day.

  3. Kely, we think you got the best spot in the house there.

  4. She looks great for her age! I like her little hammock.

  5. Beautiful spot to enjoy the outdoors!


  6. what a pretty kitty our cat Baby is 13 and our dog Tubby will be 13 in a few months. Its hard when they get old but I my moms ct lived to 19

  7. Kely is 13! She does not looks a day over 9!
    Us little lady cats seems to age gracefully!

  8. We are glad that Kelly and Bebe are happy again with you.

    But we also have been asked to send a message to Teri from TBT...

    TBT: I didn't have an address to send to, so I'll do it here. I had a wonderful time meeting and talking to you. Marley absolutely adores the Nip sock. I love the Garden Cat ceramic and look forward to putting it on a small pedestal in the flowerbed next Spring. You will see it in the Garden Thursday pictures then.

    May you all have a wonderful holiday season!

  9. You don't look like a granny cat at all! Very vibrant


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