Monday, February 3, 2014

ManCat Monday

Tater Du aka Teddy, is one of our extended family...

He can be a bit of a Norty Boy!

But it's actually his 'brudder', Henry Oliver, that is the troublemaker right now!

Since the families old kitty went to the Bridge, HO has been spraying and being aggressive to Teddy.
That happens when the heirarchy changes in a kitty home sometimes. This is what they told Teri:
We are having some isssues with Teddy peeing outside the box. There also seems to be some weird dynamics between HO and Teddy since Bailey died. We have an internist on board who actually came to our house to check things out. She has run every test and all are normal. She believes its behavioral and is working with a board certified feline behaviorist at U Tenn. We are trying Feliway, extra play time, new litter box locations and safe zones for just Teddy.... HO seems to be driving him nuts. No worries we will figure it out. He will not be coming back to you! We will work thru it. I do love having the vet come to the house....she can actually see what his behaviors are in the comfort of our home. She is working with our reg vet and I am confident we can get thru this. Prozac made him a zombie no matter what dose we tried....hence calling in the internist.

We are glad this family loves their ManCats so, and are going to seek help for them instead of just giving them up... We will keep our furriends updated on how Teddy and HO are doing!

Update: Teddy seems to enjoy more play time and likes his safe zone areas to sleep. I also think the feliway helps. Tried the collar on HO but he falls over! Haha work in progress!


  1. Maybe they need a new kitten--that'll keep HO's mind off Teddy ;)

  2. we are glad they are committed to the boys (who seem to want to get their family "committed" if you know what we mean).... good luck with them! can you suggest maybe separating them and reintroductions?

  3. I am glad to hear the family is working on the problems the boys are having. I hope they come up with a solution soon!

  4. Wow, it's sooooo good to hear from a committed family!! Four paws WAY up to them and their tenacity - and paws crossed that all goes well for them.

  5. We continue to deal with stress peeing and spraying. Calming collars help. Mom has also ordered some Cat Attract Litter she saw reviewed on a couple of blogs, and hopes it will also help. Hasn't tried it yet. Glad Teddy is not coming back but is in a loving home and will get the help he needs. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. Things have been crazy here since Prancer Pie passed. He was the eldest and the easy-going dominant in our house. Princeton and Precious are getting lots of extra attention right now to help them (and Mom) work through. Mom was so upset, she never thought about how it might affect them, until they started calling for him. **sigh** They do seem some better now and are both eating again.
    We'll be purring for these handsome mancats. We hope they work through things soon.

    We really just stopped by to say, "Happy Calendar Day Coco!" We love Wednesday's pic!


  7. We are glad the family is being patient and so willing to figure things out.

    Hey Coco, we saw you on the Cats of the CB Calendar today, and you look mah-velous! :)


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