Monday, January 12, 2015

ManCat Monday, Disco Style

Teri went back in time to find some ManCat photos she may never have shared before on our bloggie...back like almost 10 years! 

Yep, this fine young ManCat is none other than Disco, looking fit and trim, something we haven't seen around here in years, hahameow! 

But even though Disco's girth has changed, his absolutely endearing face has not, and that's why Teri falls in love with him over and over again every day (just like some other ladies and LadyCats out there!).


  1. We ladies know who we are! Yes, this is a fine-looking mancat, then and now!
    Sending lots of slobbery smoochies from the Mommy.
    >>Smoochity, smooch, smooch<<

  2. Disco, you were handsome then, and are now!

  3. We love "pleasingly plump" kitties around here. You are still one handsome mancat!

  4. always handsome - no matter the size :)

  5. You were cute then and you still are :)


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