Monday, January 19, 2015

ManCat Monday

No, we didn't eat all the freeze-dried chicken treats you left out on the table... without the lid on the container... while you were downstairs bathing the new arrival, Pixie!

Pixie, who is one of Coco's daughters, came back to live with us because her family is getting divorced and Pixie has had a pretty long history of FIE - Feline Inappropriate Elimination.

It is for the best that she come back to her birth home, so Teri can put her through her Rehab program and hopefully she can become a happy, healthy cat again. 

You will be hearing more about Pixie in the upcoming weeks, but today...It's all about us ManCats!

And our Bromance, hahameow!


  1. Hey, if those treats disappeared, it's your human's fault for leaving them out like that!

  2. The human's slip is your gain! Bwahaha!
    You two mancats look precious in your cocoon and we look forward to seeing lots more of the lovely Pixie.

  3. Well what did she expect if there was no lid on them? You thought they had been left like that for you to help yourselves, right? You look very cute together in your cocoon.

  4. very handsome mancats.... and welcome Pixie

  5. Pixie, you re in EXCELLENT paws! We know if anyone can help you it's the magical touch of our aunt Teri. WORD.

  6. You 2 look adorable together. I am sure Pixie will love living with you.


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