Sunday, January 11, 2015

Simply Sunday Evening #BlogPaws Style

On the #BlogPaws Facebook page last week, there was a shout out for photos of anyone who had attended any of the 5 BlogPaws Pet Blogger/Social Media Conferences, so I went looking through my five BlogPaws Conference folders looking for photos from that first conference I went to in Columbus OH in 2010.

It brought back lots of great memories and gave me some smiles when I thought about how I made the decision to attend, and I'd like to share that story here and some photos, hoping that it will make you smile and give thought to coming to the 2015 BlogPaws Conference!

I hadn't been blogging very long at that time and I posted a query on my blog asking if anyone in the DC area was going. Here's a link to that post, and if you read the comments, you'll see someone said 'I'll go'!

And here's an excerpt from a post I did on my 'human' blog, talking about what I expected from going to my first BlogPaws Conference:

In a couple of weeks, I will be heading off to BlogPaws--a pet bloggers convention, with a blogger from DC who I 'follow' and it will be something fun, still cat oriented, but not like cat shows in the level of stress and unfriendly exhibitors! Carol, of Meir Cats, Chats and Fiber, is a fellow cat lover, and so much more! We have chatted and met and I am sure we won't run out of things to talk about on our  8 hour drive up to Columbus! In fact, we may have to feign napping just to hear quiet!

We both love good beer and German food, both are nearby the hotel in Columbus, so once we get settled into the hotel, we may be able to walk where ever we wish to go. The hotel has quite a history itself, and I'm looking forward to staying there. 

We are both taking cats with us, of course we are! We are getting adjoining rooms to make socializing easy and we are hoping to come away with lots of info and new friendships. When I retire, I would like to blog more, on a more health and behavior oriented cat blog and some of what I can learn at this conference would be helpful in learning how to 'market' myself and about blogging do's and don'ts, but mostly I am just looking forward to being around like-minded people and learning from the experience, stepping into something new with a feel of familiarity...

So, if that sounds like fun to you, and you want to start off the new year pursuing a goal of personal and professional growth, register now for the best and biggest national educational conference for pet blogger, May 28-30 in Nashville:

and don't forget to use my special 10% discount code when you do! BP15-Amb-Teri-10

And to keep up with the latest posts about the upcoming #BlogPaws 2015 Conference, just take a look at the linked posts below!


  1. My human says that the first BlogPaws conference was her favorite in a lot of ways because there was so much discovery and everything was fresh and intimate. It's a lot bigger and richer now in content, which is why she keeps coming back!

  2. Mum would love to attend once in her life ! Purrs

  3. Mom had the best time last year and registered immediately after the 2014 one for this year. It can't come soon enough as that will mean spring and warm weather have returned. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. The conference looks really exciting. I bet you can hardly wait until the next one.


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