Saturday, April 11, 2009

Caturday Saturday

As if I needed to say this...the cat in this photo is a Diva!

Her name is Nanjizal Bay, but she's known to all her adoring fans as Nani. I had bought her to be a mommycat, but before I bred her, I had her examined by a cardiologist and she diagnosed with HCM at 2 years of age So I spayed her and she lived with another family for 11 years, never getting her meds or followup ultrasounds.

She was returned to me, because she was fighting with the new wife's cats (note: they got divorced later...) and I had her here with me for 2 years when a friend of a couple who have a cat from me, wanted to adopt Nani, with all her medical problems (at one point being very close to congestive heart failure) because they wanted her to be loved and pampered for however long she had left. Everyone I tell this story to say this wonderful family are Nani's guardian angels!

Nani needs 3 different meds daily (Plavix, Lasix and Enalapril) and while for me, being a tech, she is easy to pill...they are having some difficulty. But they have had her just over a year now and she just passed her physical exam and lab work with flying colors so they are even more determined to get her to take her meds.

I wanted to share this email I got this morning with everyone (they approved me sharing) to let you know what a day in the life of Nani is like...

So, M and I spent some time thinking thru how to get Nani to take these pills since I told M that Nani was going to die since mommy was a wimp and couldn't get the job done. We bought the pill pockets and that big syringe looking thing. M didn't want to try the pill pockets. She said they were too expensive and it would take 2 or 3 to hide the meds. She wanted to use the syringe down the throat. She hasn't met the wrath of Nani. Well, M was right. Nani ate the pill pocket but spit out one pill. So it takes 2 pill pockets per day. We get 45 in a package. At $11 per package.

M loaded her syringe this morning. M is so ready! She gave me a time this morning to 'get on board'. Who talks like that at 8 years old? M is Nani's primary care giver and gets no love. She's down stairs now, giving her 10 kernels of food so she doesn't throw up. And in 20 mins, she'll get 10 more. And then she gets her full dish. Kills me! Honestly, I'm glad we have a solution. its M that is killing me. She is determined to rise to the occassion and have Nani live to 30.


  1. I'm so glad Nani is still going strong!

    You know how I get my pills (2 a day)? I eat them! Mom gives me a little bit of food first with the pill in it. I eat it down, and then get the rest of my food. I'm easy that way. ;-)

  2. I'm so glad that Nani found such a wonderful home and that she's doing so well. Pixie took those exact same medicines, but she also took Atenolol (Tenormin). Since all the pills had to be halved or quartered, we used the pill-cutter and a weekly pill box and got all of the pills ready for the week. Then, when we were read to give the daily meds, we put all four pieces into a small piece of American cheese and molded it into a little cheese ball. Pixie wouldn't eat the cheese ball, but it held all the pills together and then we just poked it down her throat! I guess we were lucky because Pixie was so cooperative about taking her medicines.

  3. After hearing about a Catster friend who choked and almost died from having pills put down her throat, I had to rethink how I give my Sugar cat her pills. Somedays she likes the pill pockets, and some days she doesn't. It's a challenge! I'm glad Nani has a wonderful family taking care of her!

  4. Cooperation is so variable among cats... making me hope that some of mine never ever get sick! We've been lucky! Diva cats are the absolute worst about the meds I find... Amazing how Nani is hanging in there with her meds! She's fabulous!

  5. Lovely cat and lovely story. Glad Nani is doing well and getting her meds.

  6. We are so glad that Nani found such an awesome family that loves her and takes such good care of her.

  7. what a touching story, that people would take the time and trouble for an animal....sigh...there's still some hope in lur shitty world then! happy eggster to you all.

  8. I love Nani. What a brave and beautiful girl! She would be my best friend too.
    I love her forever home beans too.
    God Bless them


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