Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sometimes I go onto another kitties blog and see a photo that makes me say, "Why, my cats do that, too!" and today I am going to post some photos of my cats doing stuff your cats do, MOL

Ps: Kittens doing very well, everyone gained 15 grams in the past 24 hrs, even tiny Daisy (yes, I picked the name Daisy in honor of little Daisy who went to the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday). This little Daisy will live for the little Daisy who couldn't, I just have to feel that way and hope!

My petsitters were over on Saturday and we tossed around names for the boys, and I should have written the final decisions down, because this morning I can't remember! But I think I will pick again, and name the little orange (red mackerel tabby) boy Buttercup, because that flower is so small. Then the big orange (ditto) boy is Dandelion, cuz he's king of the jungle and growing like a weed, MOL and the brown mackerel tabby and white boy is Clover, cuz he's sweet and has two colors, like a clover blossom.


  1. I think it's very wonderful that there is a tiny Daisy in honor of the baby Daisy that had to go to the Bridge. I love the other names you picked, too!

  2. Those are such cute pictures! The pic of all the kitties on the steps makes us think what a fun place your house must be with all those kitties. We are so happy that Coco's kittens are all healthy and gaining weight. It is very sweet that you named one of them Daisy in honor of Forever Foster's little Daisy who went to the bridge.

  3. I'm so happy the babies are doing okay! Cute names!

  4. How cute. Love those ears.
    Thank you for all the info and help on Cornish Rex cats.
    It's fun to try to picture Charlie as a baby. He seems to be tortie patterned, is that possible?

  5. I'm so happy to hear that the babies are doing well!!! Coco must be such a proud mama!

  6. Wonderful names for all of them but Daisy is especially touching. May she live long and prosper!

    In answer to your questions, our little Sei-Chan is twelve and a half weeks old. And as for what Tama-Chan eats, her dry food is a brand called Specific from the vet's and she also eats some chicken breast as well as cans such as Applaws or Gimpet, and some Sheba.

    Tommy, The Girls and #1

  7. I love the new kittenboy names too. Mom loves looking at rex kittens they are soooo incredibly adorable.
    These pics today are very enjoyable I particularly love the kitties on the stairs. I hope you are having a marvy
    Sunday, lay around read a bit, sleep in maybe tomorrow. Enjoy your day off
    I knew those two little ones would improve with your assistance and guidance for Coco. She is a busy mommie


  8. What cute little kitten pictures and I love the names you are picking out for the babies.

  9. Oh my. We have been very slow in catching up with our visiting, and only just saw your post. Your beautiful decision to name your little love Daisy has touched us in ways we cannot begin to express. We are sending our best purrs and loving thoughts that the sweet little girl and her siblings will grow strong, healthy and happy, and have truly wonderful lives.


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