Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Morning Kitten Report--Good Mews!

Good mews to report...the kittens are continuing to gain weight, in fact the three boys have gained 15 grams each day for the past 2 days and are right on target! The little brown tabby girl still worries me a bit, but she is eagerly nursing and active...but sooo small. She has only gained 24 grams since she was born (should have gained 40 grams). The first day she lost weight, but each day since then she has gained 9, 6 and 12 she is gaining more each day and that's a positive sign.

I am still not letting the other cats in the bedroom with us, as I tried it last night and every little sound and activity, like one of the cats jumping on top of the tent to snuggle in the sleeping bag there, disturbed wary mom and she just doesn't need that right now. All the other cats are confused as to why they can't sleep with me...but I napped with them yesterday in the warm sun and told them soon all would be back to the usual routine, I was sure.

Here's a new photo of the kittens I took today. I usually take photos once a week, as it takes about that long to see much visual change in them...but I know you are all awaiting updates, and if you look at the photo similar to this one, taken on the day they were born, just four days ago, you can see a small change already.


  1. The kittens are very very cute!
    so how does this work? how do you know which kittens go to which people? first born and all that?
    They are so absolutely adorable. I hope your three day week-end is pleasant and that Coco will enjoy having you around to encourage those two tiny's to gain some more weight!
    Thank you sooo much for these adorable photos. They are just so precious!
    love and purrs

  2. I'm glad to know that all the kittens are doing so well!

  3. It's great to hear that they are all gaining weight and we hope to hear that the little girl is catching up very soon! Cuddles to everyone!

  4. They are so sweet! We love the updates.

  5. They're such beautiful babies - concats to Mom Coco and Mom Terry for taking such good care of them. We'll purr that the babies all keep on gaining weight, especially the tiniest ones.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  6. They are all such precious little things. I am glad that they are all doing well and hope that the little girl catches up soon.

  7. Sending four little kisses and four little hugs for the brood...
    and a big one of each for Coco (and her human).

  8. What darling little babies. They are so precious. We are happy to hear that the four are doing well. Eat up, babies!:) We are sending them and Coco big purrs and snuggles:)

    Thankyou for your kindness over the last few days. Our CB friends have been amazing.

  9. Awww...those babies are so cute! We're glad they are doing well...

  10. Princess asked how I pick homes for the kittens...

    Will it be the first person on our waiting list?
    Not necessarily.

    Will it be someone who contacts us frequently for kitten news?
    That certainly helps because we love to hear the excitement and anticipation in their voices. That always moves them up on the list!

    Will it be someone who has fallen in love with the breed because they have had one Rex already, or someone who is a first time Cornish Rex parent? Well, the people who are already in love with these cats certainly make my job easier.

    But I think that the joys of being a first time Cornish Rex owner, and experiencing just how wonderful these cats are, and the happiness of a former Rex owner over having another special cat in their home, are pretty much equal.

  11. How cute.
    So this how Charlie looked as a newborn?
    Wow. They are adorable. Love seeing the photos.

  12. Yes, ML, this is how Charlie looked as a baby! The little brown tabby girl is his coloration, as is the one on the bookshelf. You will have fun watching them grow and imagining how Charlie was as a young cat.

    He looks like a brown mackerel tabby, and what you may be seeing is the golden under or between the striping. Here is a description of the coloration and he certainly has a wonderful coat for an older CRex!

    BROWN MACKEREL TABBY PATTERN: markings dense, clearly defined, and all narrow pencillings. Legs evenly barred with narrow bracelets coming up to meet the body markings. Tail barred. Necklaces on neck and chest distinct, like so many chains. Head barred with an "M" on the forehead. Unbroken lines running back from the eyes. Lines running down the head to meet the shoulders. Spine lines run together to form a narrow saddle. Narrow pencillings run around body, ground color brilliant coppery brown. Markings dense black. Lips and chin the same shade as the rings around the eyes. Back of leg black from paw to heel. Nose leather: brick red. Paw pads: black or brown. Eye color: gold.

  13. THey are precious! We are sending purrs ans prayers for their good health!

  14. Oh my! What darling little ones they are.Give em kisses for me will you...


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