Sunday, April 26, 2009

Simply Sunday Morning


Just a Nani pilling update...Gone are pill pockets and hiding in food. My guy at work, Rob, told me and demonstrated in my office getting on top of Nani as he does his cat he has to give shot to, and holding her legs down so she can't scratch me up. I'm done in less than 5 seconds now. Somebody stop me!!!



  1. Um...yes it does. Me, I just put my hand on top of her head, tilt it up and toss (sort of like a basketball thru a hoop) the pill down and it's over in 10 seconds, lol...

    But I applaud Alisha and Marley for persevering and learning what works for them after 1 year of trying.

  2. That is wonderful news that they've found a way that works for them to give her the pills quickly. That is such a cute picture of Nani.

  3. Yay, what ever works is good!
    Pretty pretty girl indeed!

  4. Hmm, I'm glad I don't have to take any pills...that doesn't sound very fun!

  5. I guess because I take my medication crunched up by mortar and pestle, I've always done it that way for the cats. Like all cats or any animal for that matter, they don't like it much, but it has always worked.


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