Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday

...the answer to "who is that in Wordless Wednesday" is Pasha (the ancient one); Percy (the resourceful one) and Brinkley (the delinquent one). They all live in North Carolina with the Campbell family and those 2 young houligans gave Pasha a reason to keep going---he has to rule over them with an iron paw!

The handsome cat in the photo above is Jasper...the cat formerly called Buttercup. He is one of Coco's April kittens and shares the house with his brother Clover (soon to be the cat formerly known as Clover) in historic Alexandria VA with Lisa and James


  1. Oh my goodness, Jasper is such a good-looking kitteh! What a face.

  2. Such an elegant gentleman. He looks like, if you spoke to him, he would answer in english, with perfect diction.

  3. OH that GLORIOUS MANCAT! I wish I was a cat; I'd so want to date him! He's centerfold material for sure ;)

  4. I remember this little kitten, I just loved watching those movies. I would hit play more than once! It cheered me up like nothing else. Look how handsome now, how butterscotch colored, and those EARS!


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