Sunday, October 18, 2009

Simply Sunday Morning

This lovely ladycat is Lola, giving all the boys out there her
bedroom eyes...want to join her for a Simply Sunday Snuggle?
Lola lives with another Furrydance kitty, Furlinghetti in nearby Alexandria Virginia and she is as sweet as he is wild!


  1. What a sweet and beautiful face. Lola is lovely.

  2. Glogirly says thanks for all the great ideas and links for costumes and wigs. She can't wait to go shopping.

    I say, "what were you thinking???" As if she needed any help making my life a living h@ll! Wigs??? I am very scared. I think I'll hide her keys and wallet.

    (Glogirly's cat)

  3. I have never heard such great pet names as on this blog! Glad I found it!!!

  4. Lovely Ladycat Lola (LLL) says: "Be a dear won't you, when you get that thing out of my face; bring back a treat...if you're thinking of not coming back; don't worry, I'll find you... I'll just follow the blood trail. There's a good humin, off with you now *smiles*"

  5. Oh Miss Teri!! COCO IS HERE SAFE AND SOUND!! ML just called us and asked us to relay the happy message. They are on their way home from the airport right now with the precious treasure. Already in love with the furry bundle they can't wait to get home. What a happy day in the blogosphere today will be. It has been a hard sad year for the Sherwood clan and this proves that happy endings do come true. Welcome Miss COCO!

  6. Hi Lola. You are realllly pretty.
    I would love to cuddle with you!

  7. Oh I'm so excited about the message about Coco!!!


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