Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Mewmie came home from work today, sayin' she stopped at PetSmart and was looking for these little springy toys we like, but they didn't have any. But when she came back inside from going to the mailbox, she had a box in her hands and she said "Hey kitties, Finny sent you all a Paw It Forward box!"

She ran and got her camera (cuz the last time we got a PIF box, she just let us dig in and forgot to take any pictures!) and set the box down on the living room floor. We sniffed and sniffed it. She opened the card next, and she told us that was the polite thing to do when you got a present, to read the card first. It was cute, with a cat on the front about as fat as Disco, with lots of treats and candy round him. We felt like we had been trick or treating with the wonderful treats that Fin and Meg sent us!

Then she opened it and we stuck our heads inside the box and did more sniffin! Inside were some of the very toys that mewmie had been eyeing at PetSmart! Kitten sized Kickeroos (that krackle when you put the bitey on them), a box of Super Catnip which mewmie opened up and sprinkled round our treats, many balls with bells in them (they will be fun to bat around the wood floors!) and a green tinsel ball (which Kiki found and ran off with!), a bag full of mice and balls of all sorts (like a motherlode of prizes!) and even some milk jug caps and rings (which Disco grabbed and ran up the stairs with his favorite white one.

Mewmie wants to thank Fin and Meg for such a box full of fun for all us Furrydance cats (and yes, the kittens are still here and got to enjoy the pressies, too--they go off to their new homes on Saturday).

So, to keep this Paw It Forward fun going, we will start shopping and make up a package of delites for the very first kitty that posts a comment saying "Me, Me, Me...Pleeze, Pleeze, Pleeze.


  1. I'm so glad it got you! We are so happy you all had fun with the toys.

  2. Oh wow! What a great PIF package! You're gonna have a lot of fun with all those toys!

  3. We can't play again, but our eyes are glazed over at the ginormous pawsomeness of your package. Those kitten sized kickaroos look kickalicious!

  4. Wowsie......look at all the goodies. You are such cute kitties!


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