Friday, April 23, 2010

FrootBat Friday--Kitten Edition!

Kittens are getting names now...Pierro's brudder is Miles

Bosco, who is going to NYC to live with Bette Blu, another Furrydance cat (who's people are already furrends with Raypod, Skeezix's friend!)

Carlos (the red one) and Zeus (the brown tabby and white one), who are going to live real close to Pierro and Miles!

and still to be named is this kitten, but I think Denzel would be purrfect, as it's both a Cornish name and who doesn't think Denzel Washington is a handsome black dude?!


  1. Oh Teri, they are furry little confections.

  2. Denzel is PURRfect!!!

  3. Hi Denzel, you are pretty cool.

    Hi brudder Miles, I can't wait to play with you and make a mess of the house.

    Hey Zeus and Carlos, you guys will be minutes from our house so we can teleport over to each others houses and have parties all the time!

    Bosco, you are going to do great things and we hope to hear from you often!


  4. *sigh* if he were mine... I'd name him...

    oh dear; i have to think about this. I'm leaning toward Brenin = King.

    but you KNOW i'd just call him 'my love'. no other moniker would be necessary.

  5. Those are some froot batty ears!
    Good luck in your new homes!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  6. So many gorgeous frootbat babies!!...We like their names and Denzel is a great name for that adorable black boy!...Happy weekend to all our beautiful friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! I will try to catch up reading your blog soon. The kittens are cute!

  8. They're so sweet. Glad they're staying close so we can see them online!

  9. Bosco looks like a real character!

  10. I love when you post kittens. Little fur balls. Love 'em!

  11. All the kittens are just so adorable with their FrootBat ears! We think Denzel is the purrfect name for such a handsome boy!


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