Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our Freshpet Select Taste Test...

We were selected to be Taste Testers for the new line of Freshpet Select Cat Food...weren't we lucky! We are so happy we have found a good food that we all like, that is healthy and made right.

Freshpet Select is a complete and balanced food for adult cats, lightly cooked, with added vitamins and minerals including Taurine. They explain their foods are "minimally processed" and "gently cooked".


It comes in 4 different varieties--Chicken and Shrimp, Turkey and Liver, and Ocean Whitefish and Salmon, and each tub holds 2 servings. All their foods should be used within 2 days of opening. Each variety has fresh chunks of chicken, turkey or fish, mixed with spinach and carrots in a nice gravy.

On their very informative website (not just a bunch of promos and cute photos) they have a lot of good info. They also have a blog and a facebook page!

Click here for Freshpet Blog

Click here for Freshpet on facebook

We loved all the varieties and while not all stores are carrying it yet (many only have the dog diets) you can ask the manager of your favorite store to add the cat line! It is available here in Virginia at the Bloom grocery stores. Here is a link to info on Freshpet Select:

Click here for Freshpet website

Here's a short video of us enjoying our meal of Chicken and Shrimp...nom, nom, nom! Not even the birdies chirping away in the background can distract us...well, maybe one of us!


  1. Food, food, food! We want all of it!

    Au's face is getting better, thanks. And now we know how to Follow, we've added you to our list!

  2. It sounds wonderful, thanks for the review...The video was great=4 of your babies never even looked up when their brother walked away, which is a great advertisement in itself!...I will look into it for sure; if I can't find it in Louisiana, I will order it for my babies to try...Have a great day!

  3. We checked out the site when you posted about it a few days ago and it looks SO yummy! Unfortunately they don't carry it in our part of Canada as of yet, but we're looking forward to trying it!

  4. You all eat so nicely together! That looks like real chunks of chicken! We wish we could eat something like that, but Gandalf has to have prescription foods or his crystals will come back.

  5. I hope my local store carries it! It looks yummy.

  6. That food looks very tasty. We can't get anything like that here.

  7. That food looks pretty good. Mom is going to Safeway today to shop for Blizzie food. She will get a few pots of that to see if I like it.
    It certainly makes me happy to see mommie Coco and the kittens eating well. My little brother looks so great, I am excited!!

    Happy Week~end Missie Teri curlieswirlie and to all of my kitty cousins and especially to the great mancats: Uncle Diskers, Uncle Brighton and Uncle Sammy


  8. Fancy all the cats eating off one dish - I've only got two cats but they would just squabble over who had one more mouthful than the other!

  9. The picture and video are a wonderful testimonial for Freshpet - they should use you in their advertising. The food sounds yummy!

  10. Looks yummy and you really enjoy it. But remember Taste Testing is an important job and to be sure you need to eat lots and lots and lots of it.

  11. Our grocery store has been carrying this food for a couple of months and the kitty food sells out very quickly. We've tried three of the flavors and really like it. We usually only lick the gravy off our cat food and leave the meat, but we actually eat all of this food. Yum!

  12. cute video! so many darling kitties, I am envious, I have one! thanks for the link, I'm linking you too!


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