Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Mankittens Purrin'

AAAAK...Has it been 3 weeks since the CB has had a Furrydance kitten update? Yep, looks like March 26th was the last update, though mewmie threw in a few pre-BlogPaws kitten pix just to whet your appetites for cuteness!

You probably thought they had all headed off to their new homes already! No, guess you knew Pierro was still waiting for his new brudder to arrive, who mewmie has now nicknamed Furrari, hahameow! Coco's kids are just shy of 12 weeks old now and they go into the V.E.T.'s tomorrow for their 2nd exam and, how time flies when you're having kitten fun!

They all weigh in at right around 3 pounds now and while mewmie is home, they have free run of the house (ahem, except for that basement we are all still waiting for the servant to clean up) but when she is away day hunting, she keeps Coco and her kids in the master bedroom for safe keeping.

Well, only so safe! Teri had to go out and buy 2 new lamps for her nightstands cuz some silly kitten knocked one over and then it wouldn't turn on when you tapped the base. And then today when she got of the new ones got tipped over and the pretty glass globe got busted! And of course, they were kinda inexpensive so you can't just buy the glass shade part! She even looked on eBay!

She couldn't get too mad, since she was just glad no kitten got hurt...that made her shiver just to think about! One time, she had a young teenager kitten, about 5 months old, that went to jump from a chair to the top of the fridge and he didn't quite make it but pulled down a glass bowl when he fell and he cut his leg terribly, through the tendons even, and was in surgery for 3 hours to fix it and still it took months for him to use the leg normally.

But these babies have been very good kids for the most part, have stayed out of trouble and from under feet and have been very healthy--no worms, no snuffles, no problems...and in another month...they will be packing up in their new carriers and trundling off to their new homes!

Mewmie is excited about that and we think Coco is about ready too! Disco spends a lot of time fending off their tail nibbles and Kiki just grumbles at them and says "Not my kids!" and Brighton, he is hot and cold about the whole kitten thing--fun one minute, interrupting a nap the next!

So, here's the latest video, turn up the volume for the full purrin' effect!


  1. Oh! Mommy is overcome with kitten cute! We're new, we stopped over to say Hi!
    xx Lounge Kats

  2. Cute kittens. They look like bats with those perky ears! Hope you've found them good homes - with bloggers!

  3. I wish I had several gazillion dollars cos I'd come take that darling all black beauty in a nano second.

  4. Hey are absolutely gorgeous! I love how Rexes have such individual looks.

  5. Wow, 5 kitties in one picture? We hardly let The Big Thing get us both at once.

  6. So many adorable baby frootbats!!...Our Mommy can hardly stand all this kitty cuteness; those babies are just beautiful...Kisses to sweet Mommy Coco...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. They are ALL absolutely gorgeous and are going to make their forever people very happy!

  8. Oh tooooo cute! I want one,LOL.

  9. We love coming here and reading Stacy Hurt's comment every time. She wants that little black kitten so bad. I hope who ever brings that kitten home has a blog so she can continue to see her favorite boy.
    Mom thinks all of the kittens are just so sweet.
    Today's bloggie make our whole family laugh and smile really big! - well, except the kitten leg hurtie.
    Disco is a really good groomer, mom knows that. He could open up his own salon! I am sure Brighton does not like getting his naps interrupted, probably at really good dreams where he makes a score with the puffball. Mom Coco is ready for them to pack their bags (she might help them pack) and go to college, and Kiki is tired of telling them to calm down, 'cut that out' and behave.

    I can't wait to get interrupted by my new brother. His purr is so loud I sat here with mom at the computer and looked.
    I hope they have another great day in the sunshine.
    My poop disease is almost all better and I am bouncy and happy!

    bonkbonkbonkbonkbonk and more bonks

  10. If they aren't the cutest little bubbas ever!

  11. Just so no one gets the wrong impression. Yes all the kittens are quite over the top in their cuteness quotient. The purrometer on those Orange striped ones especially that one in the middle trying to guide the camera especially! Mom Coco & Kiki & Brighton, have all our loves, head bonks & understandings of being patient with the children.

    Mr. NoFurNo as many of you know, has stolen Ms. Stella's heart.

    it's just...
    I can't help it...

    there's just something I'm totally enamored with over the all black. In another life maybe it will be destined for me to have one but until then; I'll love him from afar since I can't love him from aclose. xoxoxo

  12. I need a kitten in my house stat!!! Love the deep rumbling purrs too!

  13. WOW~~~ Aren't they little purring machines?!? The cuteness was furry overwhelming and we are wondering, was thie little ginger one who was sitting up, Pierro's brudder to be?

  14. Have I ever told you how much I like the idea of a furrydance?

  15. Dear Missie Stacy Hurt, yeah, I think... not sure, but I think that orange guy is my new brother MILES!
    He is going to be so much fun!!!
    I know exactly how you feel though about all of the curlieswirlie kittens and kitties. ALL of them are so sweet and lovey dovey. mom says they remind her perfectly of Caesar and Princess, where I tend to be a little timid, and I am not so vocal. Mom is training me to be more meowy, to express my feelings more

    Missie Teri has much to keep her entertained -- and EXTRA BUSY. As mom said up there^, I really hope whoever brings that all black kitboy home keeps in touch with all of us. It is going to be so fun to watch them grow into big mancats!
    bonkbonk and a pawtap to my brother


  16. They are just so gorgeous! I am happy that one is going to live with Pierro so we can watch him grow all the way up!


    Sorry about that! Mom can't control herself around such cuteness!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

  18. They are so wonderful to see. I love cats, they are so cool, It is so neat to see this family growing up and becoming their own personalities.

  19. The video is terrific and we did hear the purring. They are so cute. Glad they are healthy etc. They just need to stop knocking those lamps around.
    Have a wonderful day.

  20. HaHa, we broked 2 bedlamps too. They were the kind ya touch and they light up! We liked ta play wif those. But we knocked them both other by touchin them too much and they broke. The Big Thing can't find another right now.

  21. Hey, Amore' took off too fast, but they are all so darling I loved it anyway. The purring was wonderful :-). xoxo

  22. Ohhhhh, so cute, love the top photo. Can't be easy getting everyone to pose together! love it.


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