Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More BlogPaws Mews!

It's been fun, visiting the bloggies of furrends we met at BlogPaws and sharing photos, too! Somehow it's hard to remember to snap photos when you are learning and socializing, but there are some good shots out there and we're sure more will be showing up daily!

This next photo is of Carol and Moshe, of MeirCats, Chats and Fiber , who were our traveling companions to BlogPaws, along with their housemates, Jake and Maus. Teri and Carol had met once before and had been talking weekly since they decided to go to BlogPaws together, and they turned out to be good traveling companions, as they had us cats in common, hahameow!

Saturday was filled with "classes" to take, nine of them in fact. It was hard to pick the ones to go to, but there was a good variety and something for everyone! Our mewmie said she might want to write a book one day, so she went to the one on digital book publishing. Brighton listened in with pricked ears (or maybe he was just looking for one of Sparkle's tinsel balls?)

And she wanted to learn about advertising and sponsors for blogs for when she retires and gets into blogging full time, so she took us to that class, too.

She got to meet Sparkle, the Designer Cat's mewmie and we saw, when we visited her blog, that she made it home with our purresent for Sparkle, a snack and a tinsel ball. We met Skeezix's Food Lady, too and Brighton actually got to "air kiss" Flat Skeezix! Well, maybe it was a head bunt, not a kiss, but he did nibble on an ear!

This photo is of Teri, Carol of Meir Cats, Chats and Fiber ; Sue of The Furry Bambinos ; Helen of Perfectly Parker ; Karen of Skeezix's Scratching Post and Robyn of House of the Hotties

We missed the afternoon session (we were actually napping in our room) cuz Teri and Carol wandered around looking for a good place to each lunch and ended up back at the hotel, where their lunch order got messed up and took a long time to arrive.
Photo: Teri, Jen, Helen, Karen, Salina (Baby Patches mewmie) and Robyn

And she talked and talked with Mr Tuck's mewmie after the big party Saturday night when they ran into each other in the hotel bar for a nightcap...that turned into three caps, hahameow!

This photo is of Carolyn, Romeo's mom, Jen, Mr. Tuck's mom , Donna (from Lipsticking blog ) and our mewmie, Teri.

It was really nice, that at the Closing Ceremonies, they played the "soon to be viral" movie put together by the BlogPaws team...it was inspiring and left everyone feeling like they could "Be the Change You Want to See".


  1. It sounds like your Momma had a lot of fun!

  2. Oh Teri what a delightful meet up you had with some of the movers and shakers in the cat blogosphere. So fun for all of you...we wish we could have been there too...

  3. You guys did a lot in a short amount of time; it sounds like a fun trip!...Disco and Brighton are celebrities, we know everyone wanted to meet those beautiful babies!...Flat Skeezix is so silly, we love it!!MOL...We bet Coco and the kittens missed you guys a lot!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Looks like you have the best time Teri.Sounds like fun what you plan to do after retiring.Happy week to you!

  5. It does seem like your mommy made some good friends!

  6. I love that video! My Mommeh hopes there will be another BlogPaws next year that she can attend.

  7. BlogPaws looks like lots more fun than the conventions she attended annually for her business! She's hoping she attend next year!

  8. ppsssssst - that's my Mommy, not Brewski Butts' Mom!!!

  9. Really fun reading about BlogPaws and seeing the photos! And the cats say that they are very impressed at how brave Disco and Brighton were.

    P.S. We need one of those "Think Inside the Box" signs around here!

  10. Sounds like everyone is SO awesome and your mommy had a fabulous time! You as well!

  11. Your mum met lots of people. We can see she had a great time.

  12. Awesome report on the event. Thank you so much for sharing with those of us who couldn't go.
    The video was very inspring.
    Again- THANK YOU!

  13. Wow, what great memories you will have now. Glad you had a lot of fun!

  14. My human wants to thank Brighton and Disco for letting her get in a "kitty fix," since I preferred to stay home. She said it was nice visiting with the many friendly doggies, but she's really a kitty human through and through!

  15. We might not have officially met but I took a few pictures of your cats for you or tried to at least when they came out their stroller and started playing in the main meeting room.

    I had never met a Cornish Rex before and your cats are amazingly friendly and well behaved around crowds of people. I loved your stroller and actually have a few pictures to post of all of our new anipals. BTW we take no offense at cats entering our giveaways they are open for every animal.

  16. Wowie Teri, I missed this one. Lovely lovely photos! Everyone looks so nifty and creative too. What a great adventure!
    Amazing that Jake Maus and Discerdoodles (heehee) and Brighton got along!

    bonkbonk for a happy sunny day

  17. WOW, that looked like lots of fun! We enjoyed that video! Cats make furends, that is a fact!=^Y^=

  18. It was great meeting you guys at BlogPaws! I love love love the pink wig picture on the business cards, so cute. Are you on Twitter? Email me your handle if you are. :)


    (your dinner buddy Sat night at the reception)

  19. Sounds like a great time and alot of fun :)


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