Friday, December 10, 2010

Festive Frootbat Friday

In between snapping photos of us, cleaning house, taking photos of more things we are donating to Brighton's auction and being kinda jealous that the only job we have today is pretty much...napping, Teri said she'd update our bloggie for us!

She keeps forgetting to update everyone on Disco's dieting progress and well, as you can imagine--no news isn't good news. Disco's purrsonal trainer has fallen down on the job since the 90 weight loss campaign ended and has been pretty lax about exercising him! The photo below is Disco attempting to open the bathroom door (where the forbidden dry food is--so the other kitties NOT on a diet can snack from time to time).

In 4 weeks, she's only made him 'work out' once a week, tops! So he gained 4 ounces (he'd also been snacking a little bit too much, too) but with a little less food intake, he got back down to 14# 15 ounces again this week. Now all he has to do is start using the 'Stair Master' again and the oz will start coming off again, we are certain of that.

Brighton had his teeth cleaned on Wednesday and did just fine with the anesthesia and didn't need any extractions, and the vet checked another urine sample and no crystals this time, yay! He did end up with a big bruise on his hind leg where the IV catheter was inserted cuz we used this new kind and the vet had a problem with it looks unsightly more because of the extremely short fur that Cornish Rex have on their legs and the fact that he is white and it's very visible!

Little Fifi is growing like a weed and she gets to go visit her adoptive family on Monday when Teri takes her computer over to their place so the Mr can transfer all our photos over to Teri's new laptop and do some other tweaking to the Mac Mini (which was so full that he had to put everything on an external hard drive to even have room to use the repair software! He told her to use the new laptop as her main computer and use the Mini as a server (which he described to her as kind of a butler, which made her laff and laff).

Coco came back in to heat, so we might be expecting new Frootbats again, but we won't know until about January 1st. Coco sprays when she is in heat, and some of Teri's housecleaning today was cleaning up after her!! We like following her around in the dark when she is using that black light thingy to look for urine spots, hahameow!

We have been trying to catch up visiting everyone, with mom sneaking in a bit of that at work, but once again we are furry behind. We were sad to learn that the Daily G's family had to stop blogging as we loved seeing what Whitey was up to and how sweet Gracie was doing...but we know how things outside the CB can take priority but still doesn't stop us from missing our furriends there already!

And we saw on the CB that a furriend we had never met, Oscar, had to be helped to cross the bridge, so we stopped by to purr condolences to his family. He was very loved, that was easy to see! And we are glad that Hershey was found safe, and we had never met Pat's Cats either, so have some new friends to follow now! And Bugsy's still having tummy troubles, and more vet visits and tests...we hope the vets can find out what's making him sick, real soon! And we are purrin happy that KC's sniffles are clearing up hard to see our kitties sick!

It's cold and kinda gloomy outside today, but that doesn't stop the birdies and squirrels from having fun feasting in our back yard (which we still don't get to look out on cuz Teri's been busy decorating the house for the holidays and not working on getting our basement creature watchin' station back in order!), but here's a photo for your viewing pleasure! (Who knew that squirrels could put the laser eye on you?!)

Ps: That first photo, the one of the cute Christmas Stocking Hanger...that is something we are donating to Brighton's auction!


  1. SQUIRRELL! they can be evil minions. best not to linger whilst looking at them adn certainly don't hold their gaze eye to eye!

    Mr. NoFurNo, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

    1 oz
    2 oz
    3 oz
    4 oz
    5 oz
    6 oz
    7 oz
    8 oz

    oops; need to lie down to count on the hind toes... I might just fall asleep instead but I'll be dreaming of you in your blue stripey sweater!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  2. Me and mommy don't care for squirrels on accounta they eats up the birdie foods and interfere with my Bird TV signal!

    Disco, my mommy loves you, But then she loves all of you. Silly mommy loves everyone all the time.

  3. All in all it sounds like things are doing well at your place. I hope you all have a great weekend. Oh yea, squirrel!!!!

  4. We loved all the neat stuff in the whole post, but we were knocked out by the 2nd pictures with (at least) 3 kitties in the same cuddle sack!


  5. Love that pic of you two in the sack!

  6. Love that pic of you two in the sack!

  7. We're glad everyone is doing well. Just too bad about the "Die with a T" thing...

    We are also really sorry that the Daiy Gs have stopped blogging.

    The Chans

  8. We LOVE your long catch-up posts! It's like siting down and having a really good gab.
    Disco, back to work for you...We all had to lose can do it!
    We loved the photo of three cats inna sack. We had one of those but somebody peed on it! So Mommy washed it and donated it...we have our ways of telling Mommy when we don't like something.

  9. Lots going on at your place but the best things I can see is the snuggling down in your cave. Wish I could teleport over and catch some zzzzzs with you.

  10. Your blog is always so fun. I really like your little sleep pouch. All of the kitties are so cute.

  11. superb uppiedate.
    Uncle Diskers you look great. This is a good lesson for all kitties an beans, it is easy to put it on, and always hard to take it off... well, pounds and bonkbonk ounces anyway
    All of you look so wonderful, I love the cuddleparty in the cuppie!

    we do not get many squirrels around here.. we are pretty sure it is because there are two big boys living in this house and we keep the squirrels away. We do have lots of birdies

    bonkiebonks for a happy although dreary bonk Sunday

  12. So nice to know that you guys are doing good. I love that picture of you all cuddled together in the bed..Tiny would never knowingly cuddle with me...she thinks I have cooties...I think SHE has cooties. Anyway. We understand the problem about not having time to blog...our Mom has been horrible about it and we have really been getting on her case. We even had to whip her with our tails (but she only laughed), but hey, it got her moving, didn't it? Good luck Disco, dieting is such a b**ch...and excercising is even worse (or maybe they are equally bad)...Mom keeps telling me I need to lose weight, but so far she hasn't acted on that yet. But when she does.......... Purrs, Lautrec (and Tiny and the dog Ellwood)

  13. I loved the visit and comments. We live far away but today we can
    universally share because of the Internet.
    In time, I love your blog posts and understand more of the Cornish Rex is very cool!
    A big hug from Brazil


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