Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa's Little Elves?

Poor Teri came down with a URI (a cold virus, hahameow) on Wednesday and her nightstand looks like a shelf at a drug store...but she is feeling better and has been finishing up decorating the house, doing a little shopping (no gifts this year, just donations to her two favorite rescues--Tabby's Place and Best Friends Sanctuary) and watching Brighton's Yule Tide Auction--which is very exciting!! She even bought a couple more ornaments at TJ Maxx to donate to the auction!

She keeps threatening to pull out all the Holiday outfits and take some photos of us...but the only ones she's talked into that so far was silly Fifi and 'It's all Attention' Sammy! But we will have to say, she does look adorable in this new sweater and Sammy looks like he's ready for the 'Apres Ski Party' in that comical hat!

She has Mrs Claus outfit (make that CLAWS!) and a pretty Party Dress and an Elf Hat, we are making ourselves scarce (which means napping--there actually was blue sky and sunshine today, after the snow on Thursday and a couple of grey days with no sunpuddles at all.

Teri cleaned up outside a bit, sweeping of the patio and rearranging the ferals shelter and feeding station in hopes they will use both now that it's cold. She got a clear storage box for the feeding station and both TomTom and Mama Katz get in it to eat, so she put the heating pad in there instead of the insulated shelter she made them cuz they don't seem to want to get in that.

She moved it off to the side of the patio to see if that is a more secluded spot they would feel ok with. She might get another clear storage box and make them a new one if the seem to think the feeding station is safer...She still has had no luck trapping TomTom--he won't even step inside the big raccoon trap she borrowed this time...even with both doors open!

Teri will be spending Christmas Day with furriends who have 2 Furrydance kitties--we hope she brings home some goodies for us this time! Then they are all going to the movies later on to see Little Fockers. And the next weekend, she is going to head down to North Carolina for New Years with 2 more Furrydance kitties--the ones with the lovely fireplace everyone is envious of. She already bought party hats and noisemakers and some bubbly. Brighton will get to go with her, because she has to keep a close eye on him with his history of urinary problems.

We will keep our petsitters entertained while she is away and guess we should promise not to 'undecorate' the house while she is away. She did get 'us' some nice new flannel sheets to snuggle in too...maybe that will distract us since we will get in lots of extra nap time!

Oh, and even though Teri has been very lax about exercising Disco to encourage his weight loss...she weighed him yesterday...and he is down to 14# 9 ounces!! And you'll notice...he got a buzz cut again, too! And yes, that's 2 pieces of kibble to keep him on the scale for the photo, hahameow!


  1. We're glad Teri is feeling better -- no one is allowed to be sick for Christmas or New Year's!

    We see she's bee busy, too, and that you have wonderful holiday decorations.

    Good luck with TomTom and Mama Katz--we hope they use the heated pad in the shelter. We're glad they have food!

  2. Good that Teri is feeling better. Your Christmas decorations look lovely.

  3. Well done to Disco for losing some more weight.
    All the holiday decorations are looking lovely. We hope Teri is feeling much better in time for Christmas.

  4. Holy cats! No wonder Ms Teri is under the weather with all that work she's been doing. For pity's sake, you kittehs should be helpin her properly. So do what I do and find a place to nap outta the way!

    Glad Mr.D is still becoming MR. Sveltypants!

    That Woman nearly bought that very hat with the pom-poms on it for one of us to wear for a supposed 'Christmas Picture' post but I tell you this much... Even though we are losing ground on the 'peeing on everyfing her owns' area; we are nonetheless ruthless in our human disciplinary actions if any such accoutramonts are EVER brought into this house. For us (no offense meant to anykitties who like human clothes) clothing is NOT an option unless by 'clothing' she means we get to then shred all of hers while one of us stands on her head holding on for dear life! (yes; with claws at the ready!) So alas; we have an understanding.

    We love being a part of the auction for Mr. B. & That Woman said she loooooves the first picture of the kittie jesters. Toooo cutez!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  5. I am so glad your mom Teri is feeling better. Mom and I didn't know she was sick. I hope you are nursing her along the way we kitties are so good at doing. She needs to be all better for her trip.

    Disco, mom loves you. Well, she loves all of you.

  6. Does Teri use pill pockets to take her medicine?
    We're glad she's on the mend. The house looks very festive! We like your ideas about "undecorating", that's a good term. We don't get a tree, Mommy says it would have a snowball's chance in Hades of lasting. Mommy is mean, sometimes.

  7. Purrs for Teri!

    Yow! Lookit all of the toys you have to play mean, lookit all of the beautiful decorations! We love the kitty statue with the Santa hat!

    Have a wonderful holiday! Purrs,
    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  8. Wow, you guys sure have the house decorated a LOT! We dont have annything here yet... TBT does evrything at the last minnut or not at all.

  9. Purrs for Teri! Such an unfortunate time to be sick before the holidays!

  10. Hope Teri continues to improve! Sounds like great fun for Christmas and New Years. We love all of your decorations and outfits for the kitties :)

  11. Wow, we missed this one! Mom says it seems like everyone is getting that sinus head virus. If it gets nasty, go get the antibiotics. Lizzie is on them. Mom so far has not gotten sick even though she says she feels exceptionally vulnerable this year for some odd reason (slaving or something she said...)
    Have a super fun week kitties! party on with those Christmas outfits. Miles is a pushover and mom got some hilarious shots, but she will never ever get me in one of those. She tried and I acted like I was suffering greatly.

    Travel safely MissiecurlieswirlyTeri
    We love all of you so much. Uncle Diskers is starting to look very mancatly and trim!

    bonks and bronks

  12. WOW! That was a wonderful photofest. We can't even decide what we enjoyed looking at the most. Our favorite decoration tho, paws down, were the 3 kitties in the planter with the greens. We'd very much like to be one of those cats!!

    In case you were unaware, we have moved our blog from blogspot to our own new webspace @ and are currently in the process of updating our friends-list (of course you're on it!).

    Now, Tabby Normal is for all friends of tabby-cats in the International Tabby Community! Stop by and say hello, and join our facebook group, too, @

    Happy Holidays!
    Abby Normal and Ms. C

  13. We hope that all is well at your house! Those are wonderful Christmas Decorations!

  14. Oh we are sorry that Terri has a URI but we are glad that she is feeling better now! And we think the decorations are just beautiful - on the house and the kitties!!

  15. hi. :) i randomly stumbled upon this blog thanks to Google and wanted to comment about how awesome it is.

    it. is. awesome. your cats. are. awesome. :)

    goodluck to Disco with his weight loss and Sammy looks awesome in the hat lol.

  16. Lovely decorations and fantastic pictures.
    Continue to feel better!

  17. Teri - Wishing you a Merry Christmas. We are pleased to hear that you are feeling better.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. We want to wish you all A very Merry, Healthy and Joyous Christmas.

  19. You certainly are ready for the holiday time! Everything looks great!!
    Sending you holiday cheers from across the miles and wishing you a fun holiday filled with love and laughter.

  20. What lovely Christmas decorations! Sammy and Fifi look adorable in their cute outfits. We hope Terri is feeling better and has a great trip.
    We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  21. How nice pictures! I love them! Thanks for sharing!
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