Monday, December 13, 2010

Tortie Tuesday!

Little Fifi got to visit with her new family today, while the Mr was working on Teri's laptop--transferring files and photos--tons of 'em from her old Mac Mini, which was full to the brim and about to burst at the seams (or die).

Teri took this video of her a couple of weeks ago, but she thought it would be fun to post it for Tortie Tuesday as the catnip mat she is having sooo much fun with is just like one that Stacy of the blog 'On a More Personal Note', donated to Brighton's Yule Tide Auction!

Brighton's auction is off to a great start! The wonderful cat book collection went to Forty Paws. Thank you sooo much for bidding and we hope you get lots of enjoyment reading each one and we know your kitties will enjoy the extra 'lap time' while you are immersed in the books, too!

And Brighton received two donations of green papers from people who have Furrydance kitties of their own, Pierro & Miles, and Lisa Noble, and they know just how sweet Brighton is, having met him in purrson!

Teri says watching the auction bidding is kind of like having a very very special Advent Calendar with little windows to open each day to see what sweet surprise is hidden behind each one! She says it's fun to see who is bidding, too, knowing that every item was donated with love! She is so grateful for everyone's support and caring in helping 'take care of Brighton' by visiting the Yule Tide Auction and bidding on the 'gifts' on display!

And now, Week Two of the auction begins with almost 30 items to look over and bid on, and we hope you find something irresistible--just like Fifi finds her custom catnip mat!


  1. WE shall have to go look at the new auction and see if there is something the Woman must have.

  2. Miss FiFi looks like she's ready to rule the roost!

  3. Fifi just has mommy wishing she had a Fifi too.!

  4. I will consider the auction by far!

  5. Wow, a sparkly clean sink? Weve never seen one quite like that!

  6. There are so many nice things at the auction - it is a good place to find some wonderful gifts for friends!

    Fifi is soooo incredibly cute. The Furrycurlyswirlydance household is the perfect place to grow up happy and healthy!

    Unkle Brighton is such a sweet boy, mom says he reminds her of Caesar very very much, so we know how much he is loved and quite necessary in the curlyswirly household! It is a team effort with Unkle Diskers to pay attention to all of the pretty swirlie ladies, and to help their swirlie Teri a LOT!! with everything!

    bonkbonks to all of you for a sunny day - filled with huge snuggly patches for wrestling and snoozing

  7. There are lots of furry good items! our mum has a couple shirts that need cufflinks, so she will be wearing some. And maybe one pair to our granddad (mum's dad), cos he wears them too. :)


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