Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our 2nd Blogoversary AND Brighton's Yule Tide Auction Begins!!

This is quite an exciting week around the Furrydance cat abode...Lots of reasons to celebrate!

A fellow blogger reminded us on Monday that it was our 2 year blogoversary. We had kinda forgotten to celebrate it then, but really we celebrate every day that we get to visit withour furriends of the CB! Two years of finding new furriends, loving blogging and the 'community' so much that we attended the very first Blog Paws and being there only reinforced what an amazing group of people the pet loving blogosphere has! Our Teri says she can't wait til she retires so she can blog full time, hahameow!

And then there is Gracie and KC and Deb and those behind the scenes we don't even know about, that come together and put a lot of hard work into The Furriends of the CB Auctions and right on the heels of Derry's verry successful auction, they got to work on...'Brighton's Yule Tide Auction' and furriendly followers far and wide saying they'll be sure to stop by and look over the donated items...

The Spirit of Christmas around the CB just makes our hearts swell and our voices purr! We have donated to a few auctions in the past year and know how good it made us feel to know we were helping a friend, one we may never get to meet but still a friend that we 'see' every day on the Cat Blogosphere! Teri said since she doesn't buy herself presents, wrap them and put them under the tree, and the only stockings she puts up are for decoration...each day left in December will seem like Christmas to us!

Looking at the 'gifts' and seeing who they might go fun will that be?! And each item we have donated was truly 'hand picked' with love and purrs (oh, we will especially be sad to see that cute pink bed go, hahameow!) and knowing everything bid on will help pay off Brighton's big vet bill...and just as Teri is responsible for him, and loves him to bits...we will also be just as responsible with your donations and will love you to bits, too!


  1. Happy 2nd Blogoversary to you!

  2. Happy 2nd Blogoversary! We're wishing you a very successful auction and will be looking to bid on some items, to pay forward a bit of the generosity we received. :-)

  3. Happy 2nd Blogoversary!! Here's to many more...

    BTW - We've clarified on our post that our trees are artificial...Smokey is allergic to the real ones! Didn't mean to give the wrong impression :)

  4. Mr. B, you are positively luminious in that last photo! I wish we lived closer so I could nuzzle your curliefurz.

    We wishes you Merry Fishes & Happy Blogaversary!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  5. Happy 2nd Blogoversary! May there be many more!

  6. Happy Blogoversary!!! Many more to come!

  7. A furry happy 2ND blogoversary!


  8. Happy Blogoversary with so much love!!!


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