Saturday, January 26, 2013

Caturday Saturday

While Teri's been exercising 4 times a week,
 and going to physical therapy for her aching back...

Us cats have been thoroughly amused 
by her contortions on the floor...
and who ever heard of SITTING on a ball?!

She snapped this photo of Disco exercising, too...
Do you think that ball makes 
his butt look smaller, hahameow!

After a workout like that, 
Disco says he's ready for a massage!


  1. Wow! Does Teri chase the ball around on all fours? Inquiring minds...

  2. We have one of those balls here - it does not get used very much. My human prefers to jump around without it. Maybe she is chasing invisible balls.

  3. Should have never shown the pink bellah pic to the Mommy. She's gone nuts over here. XOXOXO

    Extra kisses for the pink bellah!

  4. hope Teri is feeling better soon..... and we notice that Disco has the fuzzies again :)

  5. We hope Teri's back soon feels better. Good work with your exercises Disco.

  6. I hope that the PT is helping. Disco looks great and I am glad that the kitties are amused. I have some exercises that I should start doing again and I am sure that mine will be if that ever happens.

  7. Disco! Yous looks marvelous darling, And we sends purrs for Teri's back!

  8. Love that top one, especially the kitties and shadows!


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