Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fly Free, Little Pink Pig...

We were sad to learn last night, that our friend, The Little Pink Pig, fondly known as Piggy, crossed over the Bridge...

But he was in his mom's arms and she was able to tell him that is was OK to go to his BFF Vito now. 
She whispered to him that he brought love and joy into her life, and he brought the same thing to the lives of his many friends, too. 

Then she kissed him farewell and he flew away...

So today we visited their blog and went right back to the very first post and read each one and remembered all the hard times and all the happy times they shared.

And this photo was our favorite of them all, so handsome and wise and so full of love that he freely shared with us all... it made us cry to know this sweet mancat was gone.

We are glad that Grover is there to comfort her,  and as much as he pretended he thought Piggy was stinky, he will be grieving, too and need comforting, just like his mom will. 

May time soften the sadness, and may the love they shared bring a gentle peace to their hearts...

The Little Pink Pig


  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of sweet Piggy. I know there is a very special place at the bridge for him.

  2. We are sorry your friend has gone to the Bridge. We never met Piggy, but we have been over with our purrs.

  3. Softpaws for your friend and her loss....


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