Friday, January 11, 2013

Feline Fashion Friday...Coco Style

OMC! It's Coco, getting her Rock 'n Roll on!
She just has to have one of these to match!

Because she's thinking about attending the PawVogue Party in NYC on Feb 9th!

Our closest friends know Teri kinda has a 'Cat Carrier' obsession...So it's not unexpected that she's been looking at Fundles, too...

and even these...named Pinkaholic, hahameow!

and she thought these, in pink and chocolate, were very stylish, too...

Guess you can kinda tell...they have Coco in mind, not Disco or Brighton!! Although, she did find some 'luggage' that's more our manly style!

and this manly model!

So far, she's just been window shopping, but we wonder if the guy in the brown shorts will be delivering us a package (that we won't be too excited about) soon...


  1. These are very cool looking... sadly, they would be useless here because the only place I ever go is the vet. It's kind of like getting dressed to the nines just for a doctor's appointment!

  2. Oh Wow! Coco the punk look suits yous! Me purrticularly loves the hair! Me wishes me was young enough to carry it off!

  3. CoCo and Cool Furdo, You make me smile wide : )
    I think I love the last one. Look plenty of room. But just make sure the doctor don't put you on Diet ; )


    PS : Today I have interview at MouseBreath, See me there if you can. One comment, You have a chance to win 5 lucky kitties ! Mom will make graphic for your next special event ! Here the link

  4. Coco, you look pawsome! We on the other paw, prefer the "bare nekkid" look. MOL!

  5. They sure are trendy and we have not seen any like that over here.. Hugs GJ x

  6. Those are some very cool carriers! I was always too big for a fasionable carrier; maybe Evelyn will get something like that for her first gotcha day!


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