Saturday, January 12, 2013

Caturday Saturday...Disco Edition

Since we just got an email from Jen at Young Again, saying that she hadn't read a post about Disco in a while about how he was doing with his IBD... and she was a little afraid to ask. 

It's like that when a friend has a sick kitty, isn't it? One would like to think that no news is good news, but then you wonder if they've gone to the Bridge...

We are happurry to say that Disco is doing great! He just had the Pancreatic panel repeated and everything is within normal limits! It was very out of whack when he was sick! He feels good, plays more and likes his Rx diet and is easy to medicate, so he doesn't hide when it's time to get his meds...that would be tough for Teri.

Disco was diagnosed back in August 2012 with lymphoplasmacytic enteritis and colitis, and as often happens, had pancreatitis, too. IBD is likely due to a variety of diseases that result in an accumulation of inflammatory cells in digestive tract.

He has done well with his meds, which are slowly being reduced, just enough to keep his symptoms at bay but to control the inflammation. Each change in dose and food has been done in 2 to 4 week intervals--slowly so to know what the response is. 

Right now, he gets 1 mg budesonide, a steroid, once a day and is about to go to every other day. He started out on prednisolone (not prednisone as many cats can't metabolize it as well). But Disco became diabetic, so we switched to budesonide and he's doing great on that. Budesonide is utilized by the intestines with minimal absorption by the rest of the body, but doesn't work well in all cats. 

Disco also gets Vitamin B12 injections once a month--they are easy to give! He gets that because IBD cats also have poor absorption of B12.  

And he is also on Leukeran, because the biopsies showed some 'round cells' which can be a precursor to cancer. He gets the Leukeran in a cycle of 3 days on and 18 days off. So he has his own calendar with his meds on it, so Teri knows she gives it on time!

He started out on Hill's z/d food, and  Teri added Royal Canin Rabbit about a month ago and will wean him off the z/d this month. Just to make it easy, Coco and Brighton are eating the same thing...

She eventually would like to have them on Nature's Variety Rabbit Raw diet (as the gut vets say rabbit is the least protein reactive to cats) but we don't really know if that is part of Disco's issue.  

The supplements he takes are organic psyllium powder (Konsyl) 1/4 teaspoon twice a day, and he was on Fortiflora but a holistic vet I know didn't care for the animal digest in it, so on his recommendation she switched to the brand Rx Vitamins for Pets Nutrigest. He gets 1/4 teaspoon twice a day of that, too. 

All us cats are eating the same food with the supplements mixed in, so she's not really sure how much Disco is actually getting, but heck, they are good for any tummies, hahameow!

Anyway, that's our Caturday update on Disco...who is just happy to know that he doesn't have to put on a Santa Suit again for a while, hahameow!

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  1. XOXO Hope Miss Teri takes That Woman up on her offer so I can see My Hunka Burnin Love in that bright red tutu.

    Ms Stella O'Houligan

  2. We are glad ta hear that Disco is doing well with the meds...

  3. I'm glad to know that Disco is doing so much better! He is so lucky he lives with someone who knows and understands all this med stuff - I am sure that has helped a lot!

  4. Excellent news about Disco, Me has been wondering is one of my favorite man cats was doing wonderful!
    And He is!

  5. We are so glad Disco is doing better. Even though he might not like the Santa suit, he sure looks handsome in it!

  6. But of course our Mommy was ecstatic to learn that Disco is doing well! We could ALMOST become jealous of the way she fawns over him! XOXOXO

  7. Mowzers, we wish we'd known you when Ryker had his IBD - he never got B12 injections or Fortiflora or any other supplements besides L-Lysine and Cosequin.

    It's sooo good to hear he's doing well!

  8. Oh Wow ! I didn't know Disco have to deal with lots of things, Not just Diet !
    My mom say to put me on diet is already hard because she always melt when I say " Meow " it's really hard for her to give my food , Just a little. But after we read about Disco. Diet food plus Med. Kudos to your mom !
    and Purrs for you Disco

    PS : Thank you to make a comment on MouseBreath for me

  9. Great to read a good report and that al is going well Especialy when there are such cute pictures there too.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. Yeah.....we are glad Disco is doing well. :)

  11. So glad to hear that Disco is doing well!

  12. wow! Glad to see Disco is doing so well = obviously due to the great care he is getting!

  13. And he's one heck of a model for all that!


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