Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~~ Winter Shape Up

This is where Disco (and the rest of the cats, and Teri) would like to spend the rest of winter, hahameow!

And we're guessing that 'Winter Shape Up' tips don't include stopping at Coldstone Creamery, do they?

Teri doesn't even have these exercise toys any longer, cuz she says only the kittens played on the Jungle Gym,  and raced around the Cheese Chase, hahameow!

So, because we don't exercise much (supposed to do Air-Oh-Bix 15 minutes twice a day), we are having to Shape Up but changing our diet...and actually that's not been too bad!

We have no more kibble out, none in the Aikiou Stimulo Feeder, none in the foraging feeder...they now have freeze-dried chicken chunks in them.

And our canned food now how no 'plant material' in it at all--no potatoes, no peas, nuttin! We dine on Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken and Primal Freeze Dried Raw Nuggets sprinkled on top and just today, we started on Darwin's Raw Cat Food, recommended to us by a friend who's kitties have done well on it. 

Disco was diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) back in 2012 and has done well since then on novel protein diets but Teri never ventured into raw much, but she is ready to move in that direction as both Coco and Kely have presumptive IBD (not diagnosed with biopsies like Disco was, but based on lab work and occasional pancreatitis flare ups), and still sometimes we urp up the shredded Weruva (and they don't make pates, darn says Teri). 

And cutting out the dry kibble has helped us all get toned, in spite of our lack of exercise. Teri needs to cut out something, too...if she is going to tone up without working out, hahameow! She just measured all of us to update our files in case we need more clothes and Disco is the Biggest Loser, even though the scale says he's plateaued!

You can't see it in this photo (Yoga Napping) but he has lost 2 inches from his chest and waist and now doesn't quite look like Detective Frank Cannon anymore, HaHaMeow!

And it sounds like exercise that might help you shape up, so why not Hop Hop Hop over to the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, hosted by #BlogPaws! It's a first step in shaping up, honestly!


  1. Come over to the dark side, we are waiting for you.

  2. We are eating a partly raw diet here, and Binga gets all raw for dinner, and it has helped her digestive issues a lot! She rarely throws up anymore, and it used to be an almost daily occurrence. My human got a Fitbit for Christmas from her boyfriend (he has one and she was envious), and she says it has done wonders for making her aware of moving and calories - even though she doesn't count them on the app. Even though she doesn't really need to, she has probably lost a couple of pounds just because she is more active now.

  3. This is a good time of year to think about fitness. Its harder fer us ta get our exercise when the days are shorter an its cold outside. And TBT, we only get regular kibbles as treats...

  4. Love that more of my friends are moving away from dry and towards raw.


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