Monday, January 4, 2016

ManCat Monday, Al Celebrates his 15th Birthday!

Some of our followers might remember Al as he is one of the kitties that came back home to live with us a few years ago when his family's baby became allergic to him. Of course, Teri took Al back with open arms and out of the blue, she was contacted by a couple in Pennsylvania who had recently lost their beloved Cornish Rex to lymphoma.

Well, they came to meet Al and it was love at first sight and they took him back home to start a new life with them! Teri gets photos and updates from time-to-time and yesterday, she got some lovely photos of Al, who celebrated his 15th birthday yesterday!

Here is what his family has to say about him: 

Hi Teri,
Today is Al Caputo's 15th birthday!  He spends most of his time sleeping in one of his heated beds. But once or twice a day he tears around the house. He chases ping pong balls and plays with his cat dancer. He prefers to be with Greg and I on our sofa. Sometimes he helps us with our jigsaw puzzle. When he is thirsty he cries at the bathroom door and begs for a drink of water from a paper cup or the faucet. At night he snuggles with Greg under a fuzzy blanket and they play video card games together. His health is good. He can still jump up on the kitchen counter (when he wants my attention).  He is a gentleman and a scholar :)

Thank you for allowing Al to be part of our family. 

Take Care,
Leesa & Greg

 They said he likes to watch tennis ...

And bird watching is one of his hobbies, too ...

It just made Teri's day to get that email and the photos of Al, too. She said it's funny, but she still thinks of him as being 12 years old, cuz that's how old he was when he came back home to us. She hopes he has many more sunny days watching the birds and keeping his family company...cuz that is what makes Teri the happiest to think about!

And just to make you smile, here's a cute photo of Al and his brother and sister when they were just babies!


  1. What a great update. Happy Birthday to Al!

  2. A 15th Birfday is sure something to Meow about! Concats to Al...

  3. That was great to hear from Al's humans - and how awesome that he is doing so well! Binga is the same age, and she is just as healthy as he is. They are both fortunate.

  4. Happy Birthday Al! That is an adorable photo of the babies.

  5. Happy Birthday to you wonderful Al!

  6. eep - baby pictures

    Happy Birthday Al!! Looking good

  7. We love these kinds of happy updates! Thank you for sharing this with us, and Happy birthday, Al!

  8. A little late for Al's birthday but it looks like all his days are happy.


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