Monday, January 25, 2016

ManCat Monday, Snow Zone!

The only cats that braved the weather round our house this weekend were the ones that 'live' in our yard! And a few birdies!

For once, we were happy to be house-bound with cozy places to while snore away the hours ...

Even if those snoozes were interrupted by Teri and her flashy box!

We hope your weekend was as warm and cozy as ours was!


  1. I'm not so sure how "cozy" my weekend was, but I did a lot of cuddling!

  2. Our weekend was cozy too as we were indoors as well :)
    We like your cozy sleepy pod.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. We were pretty snug too. Though it was warmer today than in the last 4, the sun did not come out much. They spent most of today in bed.

  4. Oh yes, we had a cozy weekend. Mommy was home the whole weekend because of the snow. We loved it.

  5. Well, we stuck our paws out in the snow, but, yeah, we mostly stayed warm inside.

  6. Sisfur Mia and I love venturing out in to the white stuff but only because we know we can rush right back in to the warmth! We are looking forward to warmer temps and more deck time! Stay warm!

    CJ and Mia

  7. CJ and Mia love venturing out in to the snow but probably because they know they can run right back in to the warmth! Stay warm kitties!

  8. We're indoor only cats, but we still did lots of snuggling! :)

  9. We cuddled a lot this weekend, too. No snow but it rained the whole weekend.


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