Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wordless Wednesday #BlogPaws Style!

Teri, Disco & Brighton BlogPaws 2010 in Columbus OH

Can you believe it! Only about 5 more months until Teri and Coco will be Reelin' From the Feelin' at the 7th BlogPaws Conference, out in the Wild Wild West! 

Cat Ladies at BlogPaws 2010

The 2016 BlogPaws Ambassadors have been chosen, and what a fab lineup...all of them are fans of ours and visa versa! Oh, what a great experience it was for Teri to be a BlogPaws Ambassador last year! It really brought to life the term Up Close & Personal, and she treasures the new relationships that were made and getting closer to friends she had already made through the BlogPaws Community.

Of course, just our luck that once again, only one of us can fly in the cabin with Teri and that prize has gone to Coco the past couple of years, we know at least a couple of our fans are clamoring to see Disco sunning himself by the pool!

And Brighton says he would make a fine Cabana Boy and would be happy to give massages, too!

But somehow we think that the stylish Ms Coco will be the one that gets to sip drinks with umbrellas in them, by the pool...but we can dream, can't we? 

Whoever Teri takes along with her, seeing our friends, getting energized about blogging and helping animals in need, and oh, yeah...enjoying the fabulous stay at the Wild Horse Pass Resort is something everyone who reads our blog should consider!

Whether this be your first BlogPaws conference or your 8th, we hope to see you there! To learn more, just follow this link!

And just for fun, join the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop and feel the energy and make some new friends, too!


  1. How exciting about so many awesome peeps being BlogPaws Ambassadors! We remember when Teri was one. :)

    We hope we get to go to BlogPaws this year, to see which of you is in attendance!

  2. My human and I can't wait to see you in Phoenix! And which ever family member you choose to bring along (although you know I am partial to Coco!).

  3. An Ambassador, how cool ! We wish you a lot of fun at BlogPaws this year ! Purrs

  4. I'm so glad to be connecting to pet bloggers! I love your cat! He's so beautiful!

  5. Thank you for the kind words! I am so honored to be an ambassador and hope I can do half as much justice as you did last year! I always associate BP with you - it's where we first met and we've had a wonderful friendship ever since!


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