Friday, March 27, 2009

Caturday Saturday

Ok...word spreads fast on little cat paws...Coco is expecting, yes we can!! Do I hear an Amen!

I took her into work when she was 21 days along, the best time to palpate for kittens.

My vet could feel 3 little grape-sized babies...her due date is April 15th.

She is a very good mamacat, having had three litters before and raising up 8 wonderful kittens.We are very excited, and all of them are already promised to anxiously awaiting homes!

thank you Zoolatry for the purrty "nursery" photo!


  1. Concatulations, Coco! I can't wait to see your lovely babies!

  2. We can't wait to see the new baby fur balls...congrat's!

  3. What wonderful news! Paws crossed that she and the babies will do very well.

  4. Congrats we LUFF kittens!

    We only had one litter of kittens in our house and they are all 7 years old now... but it was the BEST exPURRience we eFUR had here!

    The kittens are all grown up...

    Pride is still with us...

    Lovey & Mac live locally with a family of cats

    Peace lives in Toronto- ON-CA

    Hope all goes suPURRby well and you are beautiful healthy kittens!

  5. Congratulations, Coco! We will have to break out the catnip cigars. I cannot wait to see your little bebbehs!

  6. How exciting! We'll be looking forward to following the adventure. Big congrats!

    BTW: Who's the father?

  7. Congrats, such a beautiful cat!

  8. congrats 'gran'. she has a look of amazement on her face!

  9. HI Coco,
    My momma days are over but I LUVED being a momma.I have two daughters and one son who are still with me at the Castle. My son, Bug, is now a Grand Champion and is carrying on my beauty in his kittens.

    How wil you balance beening a momma and Presdient of the world? You are going to be mighty busy!!


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