Friday, March 20, 2009

Frootbat Friday

Well, here at Frooty Furrydance Cattery, Frootbats reign supreme, and I'm never at a loss to post an "earsome" photo!

But last week, Kristynn and Tommy, of Summerville, South Carolina, sent me some photos of their Furrydance Frootbat, saying "Please, let our Teddy (that's Furrydance Tater-Du) be a Frootbat Friday kitty.

Teddy is their first Cornish Rex, and they are on my waiting list to adopt a second one! Teddy also has a Catster page, if you want to see more of him!


  1. Oh my, Teddy is so darling, I think I am in kitty love :-).

  2. Teddy is beautiful and a Purrfect Frootbat Friday Kitty!

    We wanted to come by and thank you for your kind words about the loss of our KittyBoy. So young, so loved, so missed *tears*
    ~ The Bunch and Momma Bobbie

  3. That's an adorable shot and perfect expression!

    Feel free to use any of my images as screen savers ;)
    I just sold the original drawing of my header yesterday. It makes me happy to let my art go, but I really loved that one :(

  4. Fine specimen of frootbat ears for Frootbat Friday!

  5. Wow, excellent ears! What a gorgeous kitty Teddy is

  6. Teddy is very handsome! I love his frooty ears.

  7. My what big eyes you have!!

    Ms. P and Cinza

  8. This beauty reminds me of the gracious cats of ancient Egypt.. are they connected in any way?

  9. OOOOHHHHH Teddy looks a bit like my wonderful brother Caesar. He is very handsome and wowie what a gentle sweet face.
    Love and curly cornish purrrs

  10. what elegance and grandeur. i am getting used to your cats now.what a fine specimen.

  11. My mommy loves your cute ears! Fanks for stopping by my bloggie, I can'ts waits to read more about you guys!



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