Friday, March 27, 2009

Frootbat Friday

Well, I just got this photo tonight from Tracy and Tracy, who adopted Billy Idol (one of my 2 Sphynx) in's their email telling me how much they adore him...

I have some cute news. I came home this afternoon and caught Billy and Marilyn all curled up sleeping together. I couldn't wait to tell you.

Billy likes to groom Marilyn on her head. Marilyn just lays there and lets him. I think it relaxes her. They are playing together all the time now. Billy is finally taking an interest in her. He is still obsessed with his crinkle-ball though. The one of Billy in the chair is his sun spot. He likes to catch some rays during the day. Tracy has officially become a crazy cat lady. She has more photos of him on her desk at work than I do! (about 15) Not only that, but when she calls home, she wants to talk to Billy on the phone! I think she misses him more than she misses me.

Billy and Marilyn are both playing on the bed right now while I am typing. Chasing and hiding from each other. Whenever we go to my mom's for dinner, we bring Billy and Marilyn. He LOVES to go to my mom's. My mom spoils him with crinkle ball fetch. Plus, she has a nice fire going that he likes to lay in front of. Before we even get there, Mom has made a little bed in the chair in front of the fire for him to lay on. It's really funny.


  1. Brilliant name for a Rex. He looks very hard core.

  2. Billy Idol is actually a Sphynx, like Little Pink Pig and Marley. You can see, their bodies are heavier, their faces wider and more like Daisy the Devon Rex...

  3. Billy is a cutie. I am glad that he is so happy in his new home.

  4. Billy is so cute and wonderful. This letter is really lovely, certainly the words of a very very happy kitty parent.
    Happy frootbat Friday

  5. Glad to hear Billy Idol has found a good home! It sounds like he has a lot of love in his life.

  6. Yes, I am not sure who is happiest--Billy or his new owners!

  7. It must be so awesome to get to keep in touch with the wonderful people who adopt your bebbehs. Billy Idol is obviously adored!

  8. Billy is adorable and it is good to hear that he is getting on well at his forever home!

  9. A most noble breed, indeed! Looks very stately & completely in control. A bit intimidating, but also quietly lovable.

    On another note:

    I hope you're in a much better place today. Enjoy your weekend.

    Snatch JOY!



  10. Yay for Billy Idol.....pawsome name by the way!

    Thank you so much for your kind words for us after the passing of our sweet Cal. We really found them comforting.


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