Saturday, April 10, 2010

We made it to Blog Paws! Saturday Morning Edition...

Note: Mewmie took lots of photos, but will have to wait til she gets home to download them, so for now, the pix with this post were taken by fellow Blog Paws attendees, Brian Gryphon of and Tamar Arslarian of

We made it to Blog Paws! Our chauffeur (Teri) and her bloggie friend Carol (of Meir Cats, Chats and Fiber and her crew of cats, Jake, Moshe and Maus) arrived at the sumptuous Westin Columbia about 4pm after a quiet (amazing for a car load of cats--though the humans talked non-stop) drive of 8 hours from the Washington DC area.

While it was cloudy all day, we hit no rain and by the time we got to Columbus, it was sunny! We got settled in our rooms (complete with our fancy "tents" like Lisa of Co9T saw at the cat show she attended recently--Woo Hoo!) Pets weren't supposed to be left "unattended" in the hotel room, so the tents came in handy for giving the appearance that we were abiding by the rules, but we is good kitties and don't suffer from separation anxiety, chew up door mouldings or bark, and that's a good thing, cuz the "Pet Park" was really a Dog Park and really people...have you ever seen a "Cat Park"?

Disco got his bath, and so did the human (how does one get dirty driving??) There were no "clean ups on Aisle 2" on the drive up, though Teri did manage to spill her coffee down the front of her nurse scrubs she wore on the trip up and smelled like Caramel Macchiato...but at least her special Blog Paws T-Shirt wasn't ruined!

We got loaded up into our Pink Catillac (aka stroller) and went down to meet our adoring fans! would have thought we were the Cats from Outer Space, we attracted soooo much attention!

Here's Brighton, getting a good sniff of Flat Skeezix!

Everyone said "Oh, my cat couldn't handle all the crowds" or "they don't seem scared at all" and our mewmie proudly showed us off, telling everyone we were former show cats and quite used to the throngs of fan-atics, hahameow!

Carol was busy snapping photos and juggling her kitties on her shoulders and arms and we even got to see a couple of doggies, but didn't get formally introduced yet! Oh, Oh...we saw Flat Skeezix, too!! Or, at least our mewmie did. His servant gave us a little purresent from him too and we proudly are displaying the buttons on our stroller--as you know, Pink is Skeezix fav color, too!

Our mewmie and Carol attended the "Opening Ceremonies" and got a little teary eyes upon learning that Mordecai Siegal had recently gone to Heaven. He is a famous cat writer and will be truly missed by all who love cats and his stories.

There is a silent auction going on for some lovely artwork, with the proceeds going to help very needy kitties, and our mewmie made a bid on a picture of a white floofy cat (do you think she misses Spot? Just a little?). She snacked on some crudites (is that like kitty crunchies?) and had something called a Margarita and then she got a little silly, hahameow.

Then we got to go back to our room and she and Carol went off to find a brew pub and while we were dining on Fancy Feast Appetizers and Evo Wilderness...they had a fine meal at The Columbia Brewing Company (a cuban burrito for mewmie and a pulled pork BBQ sandwich for Carol)...oh, and more beverage! A Scottish ale for Carol (umm, two) and an Apricot ale for Teri (just one...she said she was too full to drink more beer!)

Then Carol went off to give Jake, Moshe and Maus their baths and Teri tried to get onto the luck, so she took us downstairs to show us off to Lisa and the hotel staff that had asked to meet us when we checked in, and she met some really nice Pet Bloggers and of course, they all had to take pictures of us and tweet about us...we blushed with pride!

After a very comfortable night (on a Heavenly Bed...the hotel advertised), it was time for Brighton's bath. Teri and Carol had a yummy pancake breakfast and while they were away--we typed this post but we don't know how to upload pix later, OK...we'll get mewmie to add it to our post!


  1. It sounds like you are having lots of fun and are being treated like the celebrikitties that you are. We hope you have lots more fun, and we look forward to hearing more about your trip.

  2. *GASP* is that our beloved favorite Mancat Disco?



  3. Yay what a fun adventure. It is so great to see your mommie in her cool shirt, and Disco you are sooo cool. Brighton you are so handsome.
    I am really happy to know that the trip is good and fun so far.
    I hope the trippie home is smooth and comfy and no more spilling.
    bonks and paw taps
    Pierro and mom

  4. That sounds like fun. Target and Au would be TERRIFIED! You are very brave.

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! We want to hear more details!!! Inquiring cats want to know!

  6. It sounds like you guys are having a great time...We can't wait to see your pictures and hear about the rest of the highlights of your trip...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. It sounds like you are all having an awesome time! I know that I am far too shy to ever enjoy an event like that; I would be huddling in the back of my carrier.

  8. What a good report. It all sounds like great fun. I bet everyone was glad to meet you kitties. And you kitties really are very handsome. We can't wait to hear more. None of us could go to something like that but I guess you are used to crowds etc. Have a good trip home

  9. OMC, sounds like you are having a blast! Keep posting! Big D looks like he is in heaven!!

  10. Sometimes getting out of town is the best therapy!

    it's great to see a pic of you ;)

    hey, you are the winner of my book giveaway! There were only 2 of you who wanted it so I was wondering if you could pass it along to patty when you're done with it? That way, you both win :)

    Please email me your address again okay? I don't know when I'll be posting a new book and making this announcement.


  11. What a wonderful time Mommy had - and she is still swooning over meeting all of you - Sniff...sniff...sniff (you guys smelled good)- I had to check Mommy out when she got home!

  12. Wow, it sounds like a great time was had by all. We look forward to your pictures...

  13. It sounds like you all are having the best time with so much to see and do.

  14. You are very brave! I couldn't do what you did! I would be hiding! You must have good nerves!


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