Saturday, December 3, 2011

Caturday (Cat Bed) Saturday

Teri has an eMac on her desk, just waiting for her to gut it and make a cat bed out of it...

Then we saw this and so wish that Dougie, our techie friend, could make one for us!

eSleeper from Sam Cox on Vimeo.

But til that happens, hahameow... this is what we've been up to!

Enjoyin' our Hammicks...

Following sunpuddles...

Keeping an eye on TomTom...

We caught a glimpse of Mama Katz on Thursday late at night, but TomTom chased her off before Teri could snap a photo of her!

Teri made a new 'cat house' out of a clear storage box this time, with openings in both ends, in attempts to tempt TomTom to curl up inside on a heating pad...but so far no dice! But she did see a possum inside stealing the cat food!

Watching our cat grass grow...

Teri loves this product, cuz it grows fast and is less expensive than the pots she used to buy at Petco. She just puts it in a pretty yellow pot instead of leaving it in the bag.

In fact, it's on sale through the store for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and if you bought it from them, you'd be helping out the animals there, too!

Pet Greens Garden

Playin' in the tub after Teri takes a shower...

And strollering!

Yep, our friend Jeff donated his almost new Pet Gear Jogger Stroller to us cuz his kitty, Twix didn't like venturing outside (though there is evidence he enjoyed snoozing it it, hahameow).

Teri took us out Thursday for a 5 mile stroll and it was good she put in 2 Snuggle Safes and an extra blanket and we were all in 'puffy coats' too...cuz it was dark when we got back home! We think she may have to get headlights if she takes us out for any more long strolls like that!

We were ready for a nice cozy nap after that trek!

It's supposed to rain on Sunday, so we will probably be doing more of the snuggle and snooze activities while Teri starts decorating the house for Christmas...that's the plan anyway!

Hope all our furriends are havin' a nice weekend too, and we promise to get around to visiting this week, promise!


  1. I want that MacBed! I wish that guy was selling them - my human said she "would pay money for that!" whatever that means. And it would be perfect for an Apple-only kitty like me.

  2. The eSleeper is cool but we think you all have it made without one of them. That is a cool stroller and you have hammicks, cat grass and a nice place to cuddle and snooze while it rains. We think you all are adorable though and if you ever do get one of those sleepers you will look very sweet and cuddly in it we know that. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Now that is totally cool... I want a MacBed too!.

  4. You're all looking very comfy! And we do like the "reconditioned" Mac! Come to think of it, we have an old iMac too...

  5. I want one of those eSleeper beds, too!

  6. You all sure have the Life of Luxury there! Our Outdoor Boy Henry will not sleep on his heaty bed either, it makes Daddy sad, but we suppose he must have a place he feels safe.

  7. Now TBT wishes he had thought of that before he through out the old fat monitor a few years ago! What a neat idea...

    You all seem ta be doing great with the hammicks, sunpuddles, catgrass an stroller!


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