Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday...Our Review of the Purina ProCare Products!

Way back in August, we attended BlogPaws and part of the fun was visiting all the 'vendor' exhibits and learning about new pet products out there!

In fact, our Swag Bags were filled with many goodies, including some of Purina ProCare Ultra Dry Advanced Training Pads...

Teri is familiar with using 'puppy pee pads' or human 'incontinence pads' at the cat hospital where she works. And she will often put a pad in our PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit aka cat carrier). So including such an item in our Swag Bag was very useful!

All the pads of various brands she had used previously were lacking in speed of absorbency and 'durability' when we used our paws 'n claws to cover an 'accident'...Not so the Purina ProCare Ultra Dry Pads! We all gave them our 'Paw of Appurruval'! (Oops, guess that means we umm, had an 'accident' while 'on the road'...).

When we got back home, we had Teri look into the Purina ProCare line and mewowza! They have everything from toys to beds to grooming products...and we cats thought Purina just made food!

Of course, there are lots of choices out there when it comes to pet products, but in looking at their new ProCare line, we think they are well thought out and good for pets, too. Then the folks at Purina contacted us and asked if we would be interested in testing and reviewing some of their new ProCare products. Teri said sure...we are messy kitties from time-to-time!

The website is chock full of good information from veterinarians that Teri is familiar with and trusts! Here's the link to their page on basic cat care. They even have Podcasts, which are something Teri likes to listen to when she is traveling.

The Purina name is well-known and Teri knows that they have all kinds of foods, including prescription diets. She was eager to try out their new Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator, as well as get another box of their their new ProCare Ultra Dry Advance Training Pads!

Typical 'puppy pee pads' often leave our servants with a mess to clean up, kind of counterproductive! The Purina ProCare™ Ultra Dry Advance Training Pads feature exclusive DryStep microweave technology for fast absorption and as a result... dryness!

They say that thousands of one-way microfunnels quickly channel urine into the core, trapping it there and keeping the surface dry; the super-absorbent gel core provides maximum absorbency, keeping paws clean; and a leak-proof backing also protects floors and carpets. Teri gave them an A+ on results, better than anything she had used before!

The pads are available at pet specialty retail stores in 10-count, 30-count and 50-count quantities and come in an easy-to-store box for convenient dispensing.

They have a video that shows how absorbent they are and she knows now that we'd stay dry and odor free if we did pee in our carrier, and that's a good thing! And she has used them in our hotel rooms when we travel, to put in front of our litterbox to catch any tracked messes. Handy in case we have any tummy upsets due to the stress of traveling, too!

Now on to the 'odor eliminating products' (yes, we can be stinky at times, hahameow!). In visiting the website, we found they have 4 ProCare odor eliminating products:

We got to test the Carpet & Upholstery Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator:

Here's a video from the Purina website that tells you all about it...

Teri has probably tried every product out there for pet stains and odors, all with varying degrees of success. As our followers know, Teri used to breed Cornish Rex cats and also is actively involved in helping 'rehab' kitties that have 'out of litterbox' experiences, and that means there can be 'odors' from time to time.

So she decided to try the ProCare product on some 'old' stained and odiferous spots on the carpet...a true test, to be sure! And she was very pleased with the 'sniff' test after she cleaned those areas.

The Purina ProCare Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator has a unique six-enzyme blend that breaks down stains and eliminates odors safely and naturally, and is certified by The Carpet & Rug Institute.

The cleaner lifts pet soils from and cleans surface carpet fibers for easy removal while the odor-eliminating technology destroys surface odors on contact. The enzymes and bacteria continue to break down deep-set stains and the source of odors until they’ve been completely eliminated and thorough odor removal discourages pets from remarking.

It is designed for use on carpet, upholstery, pet beds, litter boxes and any water-safe surface, the Purina ProCare Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator is safe for use around children and pets.

Teri said she is very satisfied with the two Purina ProCare products we tested, and she will have to look into their other ProCare products (though she said we already have enough beds and toys...that can't possibly be true!!).

Disclaimer: We are happy to be a part of this product review, and we did receive free products from Puina to use and review, and keep! However, all of the opinions about the product are ours and not dictated in any way by the company.


  1. I checked out the Purina website recently too and was pleasantly surprised by all the good cat care information they had there! I had no idea!

  2. We luf product reviews! Mommy says she is gonna check sum of this stuff out. She also says thanks fur the gratuitous Disco shot yesterday!

  3. Teri, we comes by to tells you that your words to Admiral's Mom, Carole, touch our hearts. Brilliant and comforting words. Thank you for saying what I never know how to say.

  4. That's a great review! We didn't know Purina had all that stuff so thanks for letting us know!

  5. We also got those pee pads at BlogPaws and can say they work great for guinea pigs as well (we also have cats). My pigs are litter boxed trained but when traveling, I do like to keep them dry and would put a pee pad under their blanket in a carrier. I've found they will also go on it if I put it in their playpen during floor time. The pee pads don't have that smooth plastic coating that sometimes makes the pee sit on top or roll off too easily and they wick away wetness if a blanket is put on top, keeping the surface more dry that with other brands we have used. Now piggy poops, that's another story. Hee hee.


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