Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Almost Wordless Whiskerhump Wednesday...

Here's a pix of Brighton at the vets today, getting a follow up urinalysis. He is looking very festive for a visit to the vet...just like Coco was a couple of weeks ago!

We like making people smile! The FedEx driver smiled big-time when Brighton greeted him with mega-bonks and a knee high 'porpoising move' that is his 'signature'!

Unfortunately, BrightOne's urine is still way too concentrated, 1.084 and the pH is 7.0 (should be ~ 6.5). There were 2-3 struvite crystals per HPF, but everything else was normal--no bacteria or blood...

So, even though he seems symptom free and hasn't had a urinary blockage in over 18 months, he will need to go on a prescription diet to see if we can bring him back in line with what's normal.

We already have water fountains and Sink Drinks and Teri adds water to our canned food, and Teri would have to check all our labwork to be sure, but she said it seems every one is our house has pretty concentrated urine for some reason...

It won't be so difficult as everyone is on a 'mealtime feeding' schedule an I don't leave dry food out all the time any more...but I think it will be hardest on Teri as she is really into feeding holistic foods with no by-products, corn or wheat.

But neither does she want Brighton blocking again, so she will try the diet for a month and then have his urine retested and see if it's better. Then she will go another month and re-test. If it's still the same, she said she will go back to feeding the Nulo and Life's Abundance that she likes for us.

And here's a good double Whisker Hump photo to honor Manly Kismet, RIP...

These two handsome kitties are Billy and Edward, part of our extended family...they live in Missouri and obviously have some cushy blankies there, just like us!


  1. Paws crossed that the prescription food works for Brighton!

  2. Aww Brighton is adorable!! Me and Charlie purr and pray that he get his urine levels all normal soon!

    Billy and Edwards together under a blankie are just precious! :-) Take care

  3. we bet Brighton was a big hit all day - he looks very festive!! we hope he gets back in line quick.

  4. We are wondering if there is some kind of "flavor" that can be put in the water ta make it more enticing ta drink...

  5. I´m purrying for prescription food helps Brighton!

  6. Looking fabulous! Hoping the foods works their magic and Brighton feels better!


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