Sunday, December 18, 2011

Simply Sunday Evening...

We were trying soooo hard to get on the computer every day in December and dictate a blog post to our secreTeri, but we missed yesterday!

Teri was busy working on her Christmas card list and trying to get cards out for the first time since our Daddy died...she says they will probably be New Years cards but she is going to do it, and catch up with many long, lost friends she hopes...

We didn't get out strolling last weekend cuz Teri was hanging Christmas lights and finishing decorating the house, and then today she finally got all the storage boxes back up into the attic, but we got to play in them for a while, anyway!

Disco got to go out into the cold today, but he was wearing a coat and has two Snuggle Safe's to keep him toastier...Coco and Brighton stayed home cuz they hopped right out of the stroller when she was getting it zipped up, and Teri took that to mean they wanted to stay home!

Here's some pix she took today out strollin' (yes, she remembered the camera this time!)

And here's our 2011 Xmas Photos!

Teri got dressed up and went out Saturday night to The Cat Hospital's Christmas Party...she wore those 'Adult Pajamas' again but everyone said she looked pretty!

Oh, and her date last weekend? She said it was the most enjoyable evening she'd had in a while that didn't include us, hahameow! This guy likes cats and we want to give him the once over...Teri said soon, ok.

Last week, we told you that Coco is going to have to have surgery on her torn ligaments that are making her limp. So we thought we'd tell you a little more about that today...

Last July, Coco and Brighton and Disco were in the 'Stud Room' keeping Sammy company. Teri is not sure what happened, but she heard some commotion and growling and she thinks there might have been a fight over who gets to be in the heated cat bed on top of the cabinet in that room.

Anyway, Brighton was hiding, Disco looked wide eyed, and Coco was carrying her left hind leg. At first, Teri thought maybe Sammy bit her but then she remembered he doesn't have any bitey teeth left.

So, she thought Coco probably fell off the top of the cupboard and hurt her leg. The vets examined her the next day and took xrays but Coco was very grumbly and they could tell if it was from pain or just not liking being at the vets.

For a month, she was on pain meds and Cosequin and she did get better, as far as the swelling in her knee went down and she didn't complain when Teri examined her. But she continued to carry her leg many times a day, and so our vets talked to a orthopedic specialist and they thought Coco probably tore some ligaments when she fell. Here's a short video of her in 'action':

Teri decided to get their expert opinion on what was wrong and so last week, she took Coco to see Dr Lotsikas and this is what he said:

Coco has bilateral patellar luxation, left clinically worse than right, minimal fluid buildup on left side, Great II-IV lateral patellar luxation left hind leg, no cranial drawer or tibial thrust noted on either stifle. Full range of motion both joints. Surgical management of trochlear block rescssion, joint capsule inbrication and potentially a tibial tuberosity transposition.

So, she had not so great knees before she hurt herself, but he thinks that she 'tore' some support ligaments when she fell, and if Teri does nothing, she will continue to limp and worse, could damage the other ligaments if she had another accident.

Coco is only 6 years old and as most Cornish Rex are, very athletic and active. We live in a 3 level house with lots of running room and stairs (Teri says it's our 'Giant Cat Tree', hahameow!). And to have to restrict Coco from 'being a cat' wouldn't be how Teri would like her to spend the rest of her life...

So, on January 3rd, Coco is going to have surgery on her leg, and then have an 8 week 'bed rest' enforced. That will be easy as Teri can take her to work with her every day and then when she is at home, she will stay in the 'kitten tent' which Teri kept just for these kind of situations!

We will keep everyone updated on Coco's surgery and progress and ask for lotsa healing purrs for her on her surgery day and during her recovery...


  1. Oh, dear Miss Cocopuffs! We will be watching closely to make sure Missie Teri slips you lots o'treats while you is on bedrest pretty gurl!

    Ms. Stella liked the pic of Mr. D in his Sandy Claws suit (though she whispered she couldn't wait to get him *out* of his suit! the minx!)

    Ms. Stella & That Woman

  2. Oh yes, definitely keep us updated. We will be purrin and purrayin hard fur her. The giant cat tree is decorated beautifully. Merry Christmas! xoxo

  3. Oh Coco! Oh the clip really showed her carrying that hurt leg! Awwww! Poor Coco! Hugs and special purrs for her!

    You have the bestest christmas decor EVER!! Wonderful!

    Take care

  4. I'm sorry about Coco needing surgery!

    Your house looks very festive - love the kitty pillows in the first photo.

  5. You all should put some fur on Teri's outfit, then she can wear the Cat's Pajamas!!
    Coco, your leg will heal up nice and quick--Felix was out and about after a week--he knew he was injured and took it easy, and he is normally a WILD man! We bet you'll do the same, and some light exercize was just the ticket to heal up with full range of motion.

  6. Poor Coco! And it sure sounds busy at your house! We lives all the pictures and especailly of Ms Stella's Mr D!


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