Saturday, December 10, 2011

Caturday Saturday

Teri's still not done decorating for Christmas! She said she will probably leave the house Christmas-y until Ground Hog Day, hahameow! And that silly photo of Coco? She's cuter in a real costume but hope it makes you all laff 'n laff!

Teri did make a little bit of headway this week, but has to put twinkly lights up inside around the windows and hang one more string of icicle lights outside and then she'll be done! We'd help, but as you know, we don't have thumbs!

It's a chilly, but sunny day and as you can see by this photo, all the cats are enjoying the warmth of even a winter sun. We didn't get to go out strolling yet this weekend, but Teri is going to try and make time to take us out tomorrow! After all, she has to walk, why not take us!

Here's some pix of last weekend...if you wonder why we are on our porch, it's cuz Teri keeps forgetting to take the camera along on our strolls!

Teri has a date tonight...yep, not just a meet n greet or a 5 minute speed date! She met an English professor who rides a motorcycle and used to be in the joke! And he likes cats! They met for lunch last weekend and guess they thought each other interesting enough to go out again, hahameow!

She tried on all her dresses but none of them fit, so yesterday she went shopping and got (as one friend calls them, Adult Pajamas, hahameow!). Black velvet pants (stretch waistband...Disco would understand that!) and a shimmery red blouse (not clingy, either). She said she can wear it to the Cat Hospital's Christmas Party, too...

Our petsitters, who were waiting to have their baby, are now the proud parents of a little boy who weighs less that Coco, but he is doing fine and Teri is going to visit them tomorrow! So we will have lots of kids visiting us when Teri goes away cuz they are a family of 5 now!

Another big surprise is that this week, Teri saw TomTom get in the Catty Shack she made him...three times! Yep, he was in the content, meatloaf position, warming his buns on the heating pad! She tried to get a photo of the memorable moment, but he got nervous and ran off. But it's a start and she hopes he will take advantage of the warm spot from time to time now that the weather is getting cold! Here's a photo Teri took of him today in the garden, and just like us, he's enjoying the sunshine, too!

And an update on Coco. You might remember she hurt her hind leg back in July. Well, she had her appointment at the
Sports Medicine Vet on Friday to get an experts opinion on her luxating patella and limping...and we'll tell you more about that tomorrow when Teri has more time, but to make her get better, it looks like she will need surgery to repair some torn ligaments. Here she is, waiting for Dr Lotsikas...

Teri said she is going to cut back her counseling therapy sessions to once a month and get rid of our landline telephone, so she can have the extra money to pay for the surgery, and she's going to look into applying for Care Credit so she could have 6 months and no interest to pay off the surgery.

But she needs to check and see if VOSM even accepts it CareCredit. She's already looking around the house to see if there are some things she could donate to a CB auction to help, too...we said we'd donate our Hepper Pod to help Coco!

Well, we hope all you kitties are having a good day at home, too with lots of sun or at least warm blankies to snuggle under!

We are purrayin' for our friend, Ginger Jasper, to also have a good weekend back at home and to be able to share some more hugs and loves from his human family. We are sad to think he is close to having to go to the Bridge and we want him to have some good days left to soften the sadness of having to say goodbye...

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  1. Wow, there's a lot of good stuff going on at your place right now! Purrs to Coco and her luxating patella - and to Teri's pocketbook too!

  2. Hahameow! Cute elf! We are purrin fur GJ too!

  3. Wow, there's a lot going on. Purrs to Coco and GJ too!

  4. Laughed at Adult pajamas!!! Have a good date :) Coco is hilarious too. Very cute baby pic, awwww!

  5. I love all post, but the elf is amazing and cute!
    Marilia & Bavarescats

  6. Coco makes a cute elf. We hope the date goes well.
    Our word verification is "cornish"

  7. What exciting news at your house!
    And the elf-is just too wonderful

  8. We don't have any holiday decorations! Mommy says we are to "troublesome"...hmph.

    Felix had surgery on his patella and came through with flying colors! email us if you want to hear all about it. We'd certainly donate some auction items to help out.

    Paws up for TomTom! We knew he was smart.

    AND...we hope Teri enjoys her date!

  9. We love sunpuddles too (& mom loves your quilt!). You're very busy buddies!

  10. Mommie Coco is sooooo beeeeautiful. Miles and I will make a card for her. She will have a long road to recovery.

    What a great postie. We are glad we am over.

    How was the date? Oh I guess MissieCurlieSwirlieTeri will tell our mom. This sounds like a cool date with a very interesting guy --- and he likes kitties?!?!?! BONUS POINTS X100.
    Mom is drooling over the baby boy. He is so adorable.

    We hope all of you have a delightful day. Mom did not go to the gym for two days so she has to go this afternoon and PAY the price of slacking.

    HUGE BONKS and BRONKS to our lovely curly family just :::pointing::: that way over there at the PW County. more bonks and we are going to print out that picture for Miles' room!


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