Friday, December 26, 2008

Caturday Saturday

Well, Christmas came and went without much activity round here. Teri went to a friends for overnight, so we didn't even have her to snuggle with. But she promised us that this weekend, she would make up for it...but we heard her say there might be baths in store for us and we wanna smell good, so we will let her have her way with us. We saw the photo of Lux in the drivers seat and thought for a Saturday, this photo of Bo not in the drivers seat would make Luxor smile and feel much better too, do ya think?

Bo was Teri's "Heart Cat" and he crossed the bridge in 2005 and we aren't jealous at all that he was Teri's favorite cat. She and him were a team and spent so much time together at the cat shows, traveling and loving each other, that we all think that there can be only one "Heart Cat". Even after Teri met Mike, Bo shared himself with the both of them, that's how special he was!


  1. This is an adorable photo. How cute to sit in the window as you drove.

  2. He looks so kingly there. I never liked the cats to travel outside their carriers in the car--too fearful of what would happen to them in the event of an accident. But...marriage is a compromise and Mike liked to have them out with us, so I often gave in on stretches of road that seemed safest. As a sidenote, the "wreath" of flowers around the rearview mirror are part of our wedding ensemble--our hippy dippy handfasting ceremony...fond memories, all.

  3. Love this shot!

    Our cat, Cammie, hates the carrier...she cries the entire time she's inside. If we do have to take her with us (a rarity since she detests it so much) I end up having her sit on my lap. Keeps her a little calmer.

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