Saturday, December 27, 2008

Easy like Sunday Morning

Well, Teri said her long 4 day weekend is coming to an end and back to work for her. We told her she needs to take time for a nap today, with us of course!

We think every day is Sunday, MOL like Easy we mean. We pace ourselves, work (hunting toys, foraging for food, grooming ourselves) and then nap (two-thirds of our day) and that seems like a nice ratio of work and rest.

Beans ought to be more like us, but Teri says something about that kind of lifestyle not paying too well. We wouldn't know anything about that as we have everything we need without any dollars. We earn our room and board with bunts and purrs.

We all got baths yesterday, including the kittens in the photo, which includes nail trimming, ear cleaning and nailbed cleaning. Most Cornish Rex need baths once a month to stay sweet smelling, and the Sphynx more often than that. So we are used to it and while we squirm and mew a lot, we really do appreciate how good care Teri takes of us all.

Well, back to searching for the perfect Sunday nap spot...


  1. Aren't you all darling! I hope you find a great nap spot!!!

  2. Teri, Thank you for visiting. I thought I'd come for a visit with you now. Your cats are beautiful & look like so much fun! We lost our cat in August & my heart still aches for him. ♥ Diane


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