Friday, December 19, 2008

Frootbat Friday

Furrydance Cornish Rex cats gotta be the best kind of Frootbat kitties, next to Skeezix, of course. Why, our ears even flap like a D.O.G.'s when we shake our heads. We've been known to hang upside down like bats, too, MOL. In celebration of our 1st Froot Bat Friday, here's some pix of those ears:


  1. I'm not sure if we have this breed in MALAYSIA yet.. but i would love to see one here..

    Merry Christmas To All The Cats!

    Do visit my blog, I've post some cats

  2. Awww! Our Mom should looks at your ears! The 1st time she got me, she laugh to death when she looked at my ears. She said i have a big ears. A bit big for my head and a bit big for a cute kitty like me. I dont think they are big. I think Mom exaggerate about my ears.

    But after she sees your photos, i think she'll definately petrified with those ears!! Hey, she only knows domestic short-haired cats (in Malaysia we call DSH as village cat, singaporian cat etc), persian and siamese. She never heard anything like Cornish Rex before.. and only saw a Sphynx in an animal expo a few years ago. Hmmmm.. after she sees your photos, i'm sure she'll thinks i'm a Cornish Rex cross-breed with smaller ears. Muahahahahaha...

    Memon the Purrrrs


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