Sunday, December 21, 2008

Easy like Sunday Morning

It's cold and crisp outside. Teri went out on the deck and took some pictures of the ice on the tree branches. We didn't even get out of bed to see what she was up too. She is drinking coffee and working on the computer and we don't feel like helping with that on this Easy Sunday. Here's a cozy picture of us that Teri made photoshopped to look like a painting.

We hope you all get to take a nap with your beans today.

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  1. Helo kitties!

    Hey! Looks like u guys have a great and warm snuggly-sunday! Jebat and Memon love to snuggle with me on my bed on the weekend too! When Momoy was around she always woke me up by massaging my back when i was snuggling under the warm blanket and meowing to my ears for her breakfast!

    Hi Teri!
    Thanx for visiting our blog and hope we cant be ur blogging frens forever. I'm so sorry to read about Mike. Although it has been 2 years, the love ones always remain forever in our heart and no one can take that from us. Good souls come and leave us in the most unexpecting ways. And when the time comes, we cant stop them to leave us. But the most important is the time we spent with them when they're around us..

    U have a lot of kitties around u... They're so lucky to have a beautiful-heart family like u.

    Keep up blogging! Nice photos, but we want to see more photos soon! See you again~

    The Fluffies' & the Purrrrs' human mom aka Nicoty_yne ;)


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