Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yipee, Teri did bring home some leftovers! We all got some very tasty turkey breast, she ate the sweet potatoes and crescent rolls. We are hoping she'll bring home some ham at Christmas when she goes to visit her friends that have Lerryn and Lyric, two Furrydance alumni. But we are thinking maybe we'll get some Fancy Feast Medleys as a present, since it's a special treat since Spot can't eat it with his tummy (IBD) issues.

Teri went looking through her computer today, looking for Christmas kitty photos and just as she found a couple, another Furrydance friend sent her one of her Furli in a Santa hat. So far, this is pretty much all the Holiday decorating Teri's done, but it's a start...


  1. Hello Furrydancers! So nice to meet you. I'm the administrator of Floof & Fur and when I saw your comment I thought I should come over and check out your blog. I'm glad that you all got some leftovers, I bet they were scrumptious! Thanks for sharing the picture of Furli in the Santa hat, it is soo cute! I hope to see you around the blogosphere again real soon. Happy Holidays!

    P.S Sorry if this is a duplicate message, my pc acted up as I tried to post the original message so I wasn't sure if it was accepted. :o)

  2. Oh man! rats! I am so sorry that you have tummy trubbles! You do look very adorrrrable in the Santa Paws hat.
    Love and purr, Prinnie


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