Monday, December 29, 2008

Man Cat Monday

Mister here, I am one of the Man Cats here at Furrydance. But my real ManCat days may be numbered...Teri took me to the Cardiologists today to make sure my heart was sound before she let me be a Daddy Cat, and they found a problem. Not life threatening they don't think, but they advised waiting 6-9 months and having my heart ultrasounded again. Teri is very disappointed, and me too, since I thought I'd be getting a girlfriend here soon!

So Man Cat Monday is a bit subdued here at Furrydance today. So Teri posted a photo of two Dad Cats and you can tell they are buddies! Taddy, the red tabby guy, retired a couple of years ago and lives the happy neutered life with a couple in Pennsylvania. Sammy, the black and white guy, is the daddy to the kittens you saw lazing in the sun.

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